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Comprehensive and Clinical Anatomy of the Middle Ear

Author: Salah Mansour

Publisher: Springer


Publish Date: July 29, 2013

ISBN-10: 3642369669

Pages: 290

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

Otology and clinical achievements in dealing with middle ear diseases have historically relied on the valuable work of anatomists, beginning with the Renaissance and throughout the revolutionary era of temporal bone microscopic dissections. During the last 20 years, thanks to the advanced work and research of otologists, new knowledge of middle ear anatomy had great impact on the understanding of middle ear functions, the management of pathologies, and applicable rehabilitation measures.

Most otolaryngology and otology textbooks have however continued to describe the anatomy and embryology of the middle ear with limited detail, thus inadequately serving the needs of learners. Candidates have long emphasized the need for a single, organized volume covering the latest developments in sufficient detail. Our work is an integrated teaching tool and a source of reference to the available specialty literature. The authors’ purpose is to offer complete, upto-date coverage of the anatomy of the middle ear, so as to enable those undergoing surgical training to find and understand both essential and advanced information, and orient clinical decisions and surgical approaches.

This book is organized into seven chapters covering the anatomical environment of the middle ear, its walls, contents and compartments, the mastoid, the facial nerve, and the Eustachian tube. Subchapters and subdivisions sequentially report and illustrate the related embryology and anatomy, as well as the relevant clinical applications. Basic science is thus directly linked to surgical anatomy and clinical experience, based on the firm view that one must master anatomy in order to adequately perform otological surgery.

The anatomy of the middle ear is explained with numerous color pictures and helpful figures. The book correlates clinical situations to the anatomical basis of diseases and explains the pertinent embryology in order to highlight the buildup of normal anatomy and developmental anomalies. The inclusion of carefully selected CT scans will assist in the reading of normal anatomy and the identification of pathological findings.

This first edition is the result of close collaboration among very good friends who share a strong devotion to medical teaching. It is a tribute to my colleagues’ patience and their dedication to selecting the best materials in respect of each topic. I owe them my warmest and most sincere recognition, and many thanks.

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