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Nurse Anesthesia, 6e

Nurse Anesthesia, 6e PDF

Author: Sass Elisha EdD CRNA FAAN

Publisher: Saunders


Publish Date: August 8, 2017

ISBN-10: 0323443923

Pages: 1312

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

Nurse anesthesia education and clinical practice continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Our professional degree has moved to the doctoral level, and the requisite knowledge needed to provide safe patient care is increasing sexponentially. Due to the complexity of modern surgical procedures, ensuring the highest-quality outcomes requires the need for lifelong learning. Anesthesia practice has expanded beyond the traditional surgical settings to include interventional procedures, pain management, and non-operating room anesthetics. The objective of this new edition is to integrate the vast amount of current knowledge to help guide clinical practice.
Technological innovations that allow this textbook to be used in traditional, as well as various electronic formats, are now commonplace. We approach the sixth edition of Nurse Anesthesia with a clear intent to bridge these platforms while remaining true to our educational objectives. Since the conception of the first edition of this text more than two decades ago, we continue to be guided by our original vision to fill the need for scientifically-based, clinically-oriented work on which sanesthesia practitioners and learners can rely to deliver excellent patient care.
Our intent is to harness the vast knowledge that nurse anesthetists bring to clinical practice and provide a comprehensive, evidence-based resource for continuous learning. We are tremendously gratified that this textbook has become the seminal work for our specialty. This book is included among the Library of Congress’s essential nursing textbooks for medical libraries throughout the United States and in national digital resource databases such as Elsevier’s ClinicalKey for Nursing. We reach an international audience of nurses and nurse anesthetists and are always pleased when we hear of the positive impact we are having on anesthesia practice worldwide.
We are especially grateful to all of our new and returning authors who bring a wealth of expertise and experience to their respective areas. The majority sof clinical anesthesia continues to be provided by nurse anesthetists, and this textbook is a testament to the leadership we bring to academic and clinical nursing. Each chapter has been extensively reviewed and revised to contain the most salient information available. The newest concepts, techniques, and areas of controversy in anesthesia are discussed in detail. This is the first edition to contain full color, which greatly enhances the readability of the hundreds of new tables, figures, and boxes. Effective anesthesia must be viewed as part of a therapeutic continuum of care. For this reason, we have been especially sensitive to include the latest medical and surgical information available from the specialties that impact our practice. Integrating new technol-ogy and knowledge in the basic sciences into clinical practice has allowed nurse anesthetists to continue to evolve as leaders in providing safe and comprehensive care. We have included additional new chapters on a wide variety of topics, including patient-centered care; cultural competence and nurse anesthesia practice; additional drugs of interest, including antibiotics, psychiatric drugs, and antiemetics; goal-directed fluid therapy; blood and blood component therapy; anesthesia manage-ment for patients with cardiac devices; anesthesia for robotic surgery; anesthesia for transplant surgery and organ procurement; and chronic pain: physiology and management. The chapter dedicated to research in nurse anesthesia has been reconceptualized to focus on the integra-tion of evidence-based research into practice.
Producing an educational resource of this size and complexity would not be possible without the tireless efforts of our authors and a broad array of experts. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Retta Smith, who assisted in the production and editing of this textbook, and Clinton Lee for designing graphics. We proudly carry over from the previous editions hundreds of anatomic figures that were specially hand drawn for this text by the renowned medical illustrator, William E. Loechel. We would like to express our gratitude to the staff at Elsevier who work tirelessly to produce this textbook. This book would not exist without their knowledge, expertise, and enthusiasm. A special thank you to Tamara Meyers, Executive Content Strategist; Laura Selkirk, Senior Content Development Specialist; and Lisa Bushey, Project Manager.
We would also like to acknowledge the contributions of Karen Plaus, PhD, CRNA, FAAN, as the coeditor of the first five editions of this text. Dr. Plaus has devoted her career to educating nurse anesthe-tists and advancing our specialty. Her decades-long achievements on the national and international level continue to be instrumental in making nurse anesthesia a vital specialty for delivering high-quality healthcare.

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