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Functional Anatomy and Physiology of Domestic Animals 5th Edition

Functional Anatomy and Physiology of Domestic Animals 5th Edition PDF

Author: William O. Reece

Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell


Publish Date: August 14, 2017

ISBN-10: 1119270847

Pages: 576

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

Functional Anatomy and Physiology of Domestic Animals is directed toward undergraduate students seeking a basic understanding of domestic animal anatomy and physiology. It assumes a basic background in biology and a strong interest by students wanting a greater understanding of animal systems. Now in its Fifth Edition, this text will continue to be of particular interest to students in animal science, preveterinary medicine, veterinary technician/technology programs, and other animal-related majors, and is an excellent bridge to other books required for greater depth of understanding. Experience with the first four editions and user comments have continued to guide efforts for this revision.


Functional anatomy refers to the concurrent presentation of anatomy (both microscopic and gross) with physiology to achieve a better appreciation of their interconnection. Titled Physiology of Domestic Animals in its First and Second Editions, it was renamed with the Third Edition in order to provide users greater recognition of its anatomy content.
The first chapter, Basics of Structure and Function, includes topics on cell structures and functions, energy production, functions of DNA and RNA, embryology, tissues, directional terms and planes, and body cavities. Knowledge of these topics will be useful when encountering the chapters that follow.


In addition to chapter titles, the primary headings for each chapter are included. Perusal of the Contents provides visibility for the focus of each chapter and the depth of its coverage.
Chapter Outline
A further review of the content is provided at the beginning of each chapter in the form of an outline of primary and secondary headings. The headings are organized within a chapter with their respective text, in an orderly manner from the beginning to its end with a greater depth noted by the secondary headings. Tertiary headings may follow secondary headings in some locations.
Study Aids
Each of the first-order headings within the text of the chapter is immediately followed by study aids in the form of questions or “take note” statements for which the answers or important concepts are revealed in the text that follows. These questions are more helpful when, after reading the text that follows the heading, a return to the questions will assist a quick review for comprehension. When students conscientiously approach the chapter content by seeking the answers to these questions, what may otherwise be difficult reading and comprehension becomes a productive endeavor. These may also provide a focus for quick review at future times when preparing for examinations that are seeking a student’s knowledge related to physiology.
These multiple-answer exercises are designed to promote teaching effectiveness and are placed at the end of each chapter. The questions are intended to reinforce meaningful chapter content and to provide a thoughtful review. The correct answers are given in Appendix B.
Clinical Correlates
At many locations throughout the chapters, anatomical or physiological topics are extended with a brief mention of a clinical correlation. These are provided, not only because of their interest, but also because of their relevance to the topic being presented.
Key Terms
Key terms that may be new or unfamiliar to the student are highlighted in bold upon first use.
Suggested Reading
Additional resources are listed at the end of each chapter to encourage students in further study of covered material.
Updated and Improved Art Program
More than 350 illustrations are included to assist in text presentation. All have been reevaluated for correctness and simplicity, and new ones have been added to replace those deemed ineffective with more helpful versions. All are provided in full color and their effectiveness will be apparent when they are called-out in the text.
Companion Website
A downloaded version of the Fifth Edition will be available online. All figures and tables will be on PowerPoint to facilitate lecture presentations

Appendix A
Entitled “Normal Blood Values,” this appendix includes six tables with blood values for several domestic species. They are from authoritative sources and can be a useful resource.

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