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Understanding Sexual Attraction: What Makes A Woman Want You by Nicholas Jack


Author: Nicholas Jack

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services

Publish Date: November 8, 2012

ISBN-10: B00A4N3JX8

Pages: Pages

File Type: Epub

Language: English

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Book Preface

You don’t need money to get girls; in fact, I will show you what you need to be able to steal a girl from a billionaire. It’s all in improving yourself. You will see none of that “Looks don’t matter.” and “Money doesn’t matter.” that people try to tell you. You will learn the truth about what causes attraction in women and gain an understanding that few people have. I’ll show you the larger perspective of attraction, and how important each aspect really is.

You can never know how to be attractive to women unless you know what is attractive to women. That is the sole purpose of this book. However, as a bonus I will also add in some tricks to build attraction in the moment. Sexual attraction is something every man should understand. Understanding sexual attraction is a step towards understanding women.

You may have heard a small amount about what things a girl finds attractive. You may have heard “All you need for women to be attracted to you is confidence.” If only it were that simple. Confidence, on its own, accounts for about 6% of the total attraction she could feel for you. However 6% is still an important amount of attraction considering some guys will get a girl when a girl only feels a total of 10% attraction for them. The average guy will only get about 0 to 5% attraction from a girl. Right now that figure doesn’t make much sense, but as you read it will all become clear.

While reading, you will learn the attributes that cause attraction. Understand that in creating attraction, it doesn’t matter what positive attributes you have, it only matters what positive attributes she perceives you to have. If you have perfect six pack abs, but she never sees them, it will never hit that particular attraction trigger. If you are a millionaire, but drive a 1,000$ car, she will never know you have money. Attraction is always caused by what the woman perceives.

I will be using a model to help you to understand the importance of different traits in creating attraction. Every woman is different, so don’t pay attention to the exact numbers. However these numbers are still relevant, because biologically, all women are wired the same.

To help you to understand better how attraction works, I will be showing you with numbers. What you will be dealing with is Base Attraction. Base Attraction is how much measurable attraction a man has. A man can say and act a certain way, in a certain moment, to make a girl feel attraction for him in that moment, but those attraction switches are fleeting and hard to measure. So we will be focusing on Base Attraction.

You are about to understand what makes a man attractive. I will start little by little, so you will slowly begin to see the big picture. Then it will all come together. You will understand what makes a man attractive and how you can make yourself more attractive

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Looks

Chapter 3: Money and Status

Chapter 4: Personality Attributes

Chapter 5: Overall Base Attraction

Chapter 5.1: Charts

Chapter 6: Body Language

Chapter 7: Tricks to Creating Attraction

Chapter 8: Attraction Characteristics that Will Differ from Girl to Girl

Chapter 9: The Sexual Attraction Value Quiz

Final Chapter

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