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Engineering Fundamentals: An Introduction to Engineering, 4 edition


Author: Saeed Moaveni

Publisher: Cengage Learning


Publish Date: June 17, 2010

ISBN-10: 1439062080

Pages: 720

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

The Fourth Edition, consisting of 20 chapters, includes a number of new additions and changes that were incorporated in response to suggestions and requests made by professors and students using the Third Edition of the book. The major changes include:
• Over 200 new additional problems.
• A new section on the Civil Engineering Design Process. This section was added to address the fact that civil engineering design process is slightly different from other engineering disciplines.
• A new section on Sustainability in Design. This section was included to emphasize the fact that future engineers are expected to design and provide goods and services that increase the standard of living and advance health care, while addressing serious environmental and sustainability concerns.
• A new section on Learning Engineering Fundamental Concepts and Design Variables from Fundamental Dimensions. To become successful engineers, students must first completely grasp certain fundamentals and design variables. Then it is important for them to know how these variables are calculated, approximated, measured, or used in engineering analysis and design.
• Additional sections in Chapter 10. This chapter was revamped to explain important concepts in mechanics conceptually.
• A new section on Degree-Days and Energy Estimation. With the current energy and sustainability concerns, as future engineers, it is important for students to understand some of the simple-energy-estimation procedures.
• A new section on Lighting Systems. Lighting systems account for a major portion of electricity use in buildings and have received much attention lately. This section was added to introduce the basic terminology and concepts in lighting systems. It is important for all future engineers regardless of their area of expertise to understand these basic concepts.
• A new section on Energy Sources, Generation, and Consumption. During this period in our history where the world’s growing demand for energy is among one of the most difficult challenges that we face, as future engineers, students need to understand two problems: energy sources and emission. This section was added to introduce conventional and renewable energy sources, generation, and consumption patterns.
• Revamped Engineering Drawing and Symbols Chapter. New drawings from different engineering disciplines were incorporated in Chapter 16.
• A new section on Linear Interpolation. This section was added to emphasize the significance of linear interpolation in engineering analysis.
• A new section on Excel Financial Functions.
• Two Design Case Studies.
• Additional example problems.
• Three new Professional Profiles from Environmental, Civil, and Mechanical Engineering disciplines.
• Additional information for instructors including new PowerPoint slides for each chapter and a test bank.

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