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Cambridge IGCSE™ Physics Workbook 3rd Edition

Cambridge IGCSE™ Physics Workbook 3rd Edition PDF

Author: Kennett Heather

Publisher: Hodder Education


Publish Date: April 20, 2021

ISBN-10: 1398310573

Pages: 96

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

This new edition of the Cambridge IGCSE Physics Workbook is designed as a ‘write-in’ book for students to practise and test their knowledge and understanding of the content of the Cambridge IGCSETM Physics course.
The sections are presented in the same order as those in the Student’s Book, Cambridge IGCSE Physics Fourth Edition, and as in the Cambridge IGCSETM Physics syllabus for examination from 2023. All questions have been marked as either Core or Supplement. At the end of every section, there are longer questions (Exam-style questions) which aim to introduce students to an examination format.
This Workbook should be used as an additional resource throughout the course alongside the Student’s Book. The ‘write-in’ design is ideal for use in class by students or for homework.
This Workbook is designed to be used throughout the Cambridge IGCSETM Physics course and, as such, its structure mirrors the Student’s Book which also is part of this series. It should be used as extra practice for students to apply the theoretical concepts they have studied in the Student’s Book.
This Workbook covers what we feel is a representative selection of the content within the syllabus, although not every syllabus point has a specific question related to it.

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