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Electroanatomical Mapping An Atlas for Clinicians

Author: Amin Al-Ahmad, David J. Callans, Henry H. Hsia, Andrea Natale

Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell


Publish Date: May 20, 2008

ISBN-10: 140515702X

Pages: 280

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

For decades electrophysiologists faced the challenge of assimilating information from the surface ECG, intracardiac multielectrode recordings, and fluoroscopic images to localize the source of an arrhythmia, elucidate the path of an arrhythmia circuit, and characterize the electrophysiolgic (EP) substrate. Those who were the most experienced were the most cautious in attempting to extrapolate the detail afforded by limited recording and display capabilities. The last decade has seen the much-needed evolution of three-dimensional electroanatomic mapping systems and intracardiac imaging tools. These 3-D mapping systems facilitate the display of electrical activation and local bipolar or unipolar voltage characteristics. These systems have revolutionized electrophysiology and permit online color-coded computerized display of electrical information used as targets for successful catheter-based ablation procedures. An increased understanding and appreciation of the importance of anatomy to the electrophysiologist has occurred and anatomic targets are now an integral part of many ablation strategies.

The publication of this important color atlas of EP cases that incorporates detailed images from 3-D cardiac mapping systems and other imaging tools such as intracardiac echo is timed with their general acceptance as integral to the success of most ablation procedures. Each of the co-editors of the text has made seminal contributions to the field and has now combined their efforts to provide the readership with an invaluable source book. Through the contribution of cases from leaders in the EP fi eld, the editors have provided us an organized and highly readable “how to” text on the utilization of these exciting imaging and recording tools for localizing and ablating arrhythmias. For each case the elctroanatomic mapping information is correlated with clinical, surface ECG, and electrogram data. This book will certainly be enjoyed by all in electrophysiology who are dedicated to marrying advances in technology with the fundamentals of electrophysiology. Whether novice or expert, the appeal and educational value of this case-based-approach instruction technique are guaranteed to the reader.

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