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The Bible in 52 Weeks: A Yearlong Bible Study for Women

The Bible in 52 Weeks: A Yearlong Bible Study for Women PDF

Author: Dr. Kimberly D. Moore

Publisher: Rockridge Press


Publish Date: February 11, 2020

ISBN-10: 164152815X

Pages: 208

File Type: Epub, PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

I HAVE BEEN INVOLVED IN MINISTRY for as long as I can remember. I was born and raised in the church. I received Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior as a college student and have been serving Him faithfully ever since. Over the years, I’ve served in various offices and capacities of ministry: Sunday school superintendent and teacher, church musician, choir director, women’s ministry leader, Bible study teacher, church administrator, and accountant.

In 1995, I obtained my license to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, and I was ordained as a minister in a local church in 2001. Later, I became assistant pastor of one of its outreach ministries. I soon enrolled in seminary and attended on a part-time basis for several years until withdrawing in 2008, when I was blessed to be elected as the full-time senior pastor at Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church in Gastonia, North Carolina.

My election was a historic event in Gaston County. I’m the first woman to serve as a senior pastor in the Gaston County Missionary Baptist Association, and I’m one of very few in the state of North Carolina. Needless to say, there is not enough female representation in church leadership (especially in the Baptist church). This fact stirred the mentor in me, and I started to encourage other women in ministry, sharing the knowledge and principles I have acquired throughout the years.

I am very thankful that God has blessed my life in such an amazing way, and it is my joy to share some thoughts with you now. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed writing about some of my favorite Bible stories that I believe will give you insight and new revelation.

Oftentimes, we hesitate to read the Bible, because the language can be difficult or it’s hard to interpret the meaning of the text. This book is written to help you read, understand, and apply the Bible to your daily life. Many of the biblical quotations I’ve used throughout are from the New Living Translation and the New King James Version. These translations present scripture in an accessible way that will make reading this book an enjoyable part of your daily routine.

As you read this book alongside the Word of the Lord, I hope you’ll be encouraged to be your best self and find some of the answers you’ve been seeking. As women, sometimes we’re the glue that holds everything together. We are the ones who encourage and uplift. We soothe boo-boos and love the hurt away. But who encourages us? Who lifts our spirits and bandages our wounds? It is my prayer that this book will uplift your spirit, draw God’s healing into where you’re hurting, and remind you how amazing you are.


00007THIS BOOK WILL HELP YOU read and learn from the entire Bible. If you stay the course, you will have read the entire Bible in a year’s time. I want to be sure you get the most out of your time of meditation and study. Too often, we don’t complete books of this nature because they aren’t as accessible as they should be or we’re just too busy. With this book, you’ll only need about 15 minutes to complete your daily reading, and it will be time well spent!

It is first important to know the makeup of the Bible. It consists of 66 books: 39 in the Old Testament and 27 in the New Testament. The Old Testament is divided into books of the law, historical writings, books of poetry, and major and minor writings by prophets. The Old Testament contains a wealth of invaluable information and historical records that help us grasp the foundation on which our beliefs are established.

The New Testament is made up of the Gospels, the historical Acts of the Apostles, letters written by the Apostle Paul, several other general letters, and the prophetic book of Revelation. The New Testament brings us hope through Jesus Christ. We are told of His miraculous birth, His influential life on earth, His horrific death, and His redeeming resurrection. We see the formation of the church, and we are trained and equipped for life and ministry so that we may be prepared when the Lord comes back and we can live with Him eternally.

There are many translations of the Bible. Feel free to use the one you’re most comfortable with, as this book is written to complement any translation. Choose the one that gives you the most clarity while you’re reading. In addition, this book has nothing to do with church preference or denomination—it’s all about spending quality time with God through His Word.


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How to Use This Book

WEEK 1 : There’s Nothing Too Hard for God!

WEEK 2 : Giving Up Is Not an Option

WEEK 3 : Everything Is Purposeful

WEEK 4 : Thank God for the Crushing

WEEK 5 : I Need What You Have

WEEK 6 : Tear Down Your Barriers

WEEK 7 : Prosper and Be Happy

WEEK 8 : The Blessing

WEEK 9 : Delay Does Not Mean Denial

WEEK 10 : I’m Just a Vessel

WEEK 11 : Bearing Burdens

WEEK 12 : Blessed or Cursed

WEEK 13 : Your Own Jordan River

WEEK 14 : I Am a Winner!

WEEK 15 : Trust His Track Record


WEEK 16 : Stop Stressing and Start Praying

WEEK 17 : Moving the Ark

WEEK 18 : God Has Not Forgotten

WEEK 19 : The Drought Is Almost Over

WEEK 20 : Bouncing Back

WEEK 21 : Can You Pass the Test?

WEEK 22 : Be Still

WEEK 23 : His Way Is the Right Way

WEEK 24 : It’s Praying Time

WEEK 25 : You Have the Power

WEEK 26 : We’re Better Together

WEEK 27 : Called for Such a Time as This

WEEK 28 : Maintain

WEEK 29 : You Have to Know

WEEK 30 : His Destiny, Her Purpose

WEEK 31 : Due Season

WEEK 32 : Oh, What Love!

WEEK 33 : I’m Not Worthy, but I’ll Go

WEEK 34 : Your Next Is Now

WEEK 35 : Think Big

WEEK 36 : Prayer Still Works

WEEK 37 : You Will Make It

WEEK 38 : God Kept Me

WEEK 39 : Purpose and Process

WEEK 40 : Just Speak It


WEEK 41 : Lesson Learned

WEEK 42 : I Know Who I Am

WEEK 43 : His Mercy Endures

WEEK 44 : God Is Making It Up to You

WEEK 45 : Waiting on God

WEEK 46 : Thank God for Grace

WEEK 47 : Expect It, See It, Achieve It

WEEK 48 : Getting Back to Where I Was

WEEK 49 : Go for It!

WEEK 50 : Use Your Gift

WEEK 51 : If You Love Him, Prove It

WEEK 52 : Access Granted

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