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Sectional Anatomy for Imaging Professionals, Fourth Edition

Sectional Anatomy for Imaging Professionals, Fourth Edition PDF

Author: Lorrie L. Kelley MS RT(R)

Publisher: Mosby


Publish Date: February 23, 2018

ISBN-10: 0323414877

Pages: 792

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

This text was written to address the needs of today’s  practicing health professional. As technology in diagnostic imaging advances, so does the need to competently  recognize and identify cross-sectional anatomy. Our goal  was to create a clear, concise text that would demonstrate in an easy-to-use yet comprehensive format the  anatomy the health professional is required to understand to optimize patient care. The text was purposely  designed to be used both as a clinical reference manual  and as an instructional text, either in a formal classroom  environment or as a self-instructional volume.

Included are close to 1000 high-quality MR and CT  images for every feasible plane of anatomy most commonly imaged. An additional 350 anatomic maps and  line drawings related to the MR and CT images add to  the learner’s understanding of the anatomy being studied. In addition, pathology boxes describe common pathologies related to the anatomy presented, assisting the  reader in making connections between the images in the  text and common pathologies that will be encountered in clinical practice. Updated tables are used to summarize and organize key information in each chapter. For  example, tables that summarize muscle group information include points of origin and insertion, as well as  functions, for the muscle structures pertinent to the images the reader is studying.

• Updated content to reflect the latest ARRT and ASRT  curriculum guidelines
• Expanded images in the lymphatic system
• Second color added to the design to make difficult  content easier to digest


The images include identification of vital anatomic structures to assist the health professional in locating and  identifying the desired anatomy during actual clinical  examinations. The narrative accompanying these images  clearly and concisely describes the location and function  of the anatomy in a format easily understood by health  professionals. The text is divided into chapters by  anatomic regions. Each chapter of the text contains an  outline that provides an overview of the chapter’s contents, pathology boxes that briefly describe common  pathologies related to the anatomy being presented,  tables designed to organize and summarize the anatomy  contained in the chapter, and reference illustrations that  provide the correct orientation for ease of locating the  anatomy of interest.


A Workbook and an Evolve site complement the text.
When used together, these additional tools create a  virtual learning system/reference resource.
Workbook: The Workbook provides practice opportunities for the user to identify specific anatomy. The
Workbook includes learning objectives that focus on the  key elements of each chapter, a variety of practice items  to test the reader’s knowledge of key concepts, labeling  exercises to test the reader’s knowledge of the anatomy,  case studies to provide relevance for clinical applications, and answers to exercises.
Student Resources on Evolve: An image collection  with approximately 1000 images.
Instructor Resources on Evolve: These resources include  a test bank with approximately 500 questions and an  image collection with approximately 1000 images.
Lorrie L. Kelley
Connie M. Petersen

Many provided encouragement and direction as the  compilation of this text commenced. Danielle Frazier  and Manchu Mohan had the tiresome duty of encouraging us to meet deadlines, which they did with grace and  patience. Sonya Seigafuse had the daunting task of stra tegically pulling it all together. We are indebted to them  for their editorial assistance in seeing this project through  completion. We wish to extend our gratitude to everyone  who thought the first, second, and third editions had  value and to those who took the time to provide con structive criticism and suggestions for further improvements and increased accuracy. And to the many students,  peers, and colleagues for providing feedback so that we  could see the text from many different perspectives.
The following individuals and institutions deserve  special acknowledgment:
• Chris Hayden for his tremendous patience, knowledge, and time invested in helping us find and create  all of the new CT images for the third edition. And  St. Alphonsus Regional Medical Center for providing  the CT images.
• Mary Pullin from Philips Medical Systems for providing  some beautiful MR images.
• Dave Arnold and St. Luke’s Regional Medical Center,  as well as Kevin Bean and Intermountain Medical  Imaging, for providing the majority of the MR  images.
We owe a debt of gratitude to Marie Dean who provided numerous new illustrations and revised many old  drawings creating more accuracy and consistency in the  visual presentation of the artwork throughout the text.
Lorrie L. Kelley
Connie M. Petersen

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