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Visual Anatomy & Physiology 3rd Edition

Visual Anatomy & Physiology 3rd Edition PDF

Author: Frederic Martini , William Ober

Publisher: ‎ Pearson


Publish Date: January 19, 2017

ISBN-10: 0134394690

Pages: 1232

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

Visual Anatomy & Physiology is a comprehensive textbook for the two-semester  A&P course. It combines a visual approach with a modular organization to  deliver subject matter in an easy-to-use and time-efficient manner that uniquely  meets the needs of today’s students—without sacrificing the coverage of A&P topics  required for careers in nursing and other allied health professions.
For the Third Edition, prior to revising or creating a module, we asked ourselves  three questions: (1) How can we best make this information meaningful, manageable, and  comprehensible? (2) Does the module spark interest and encourage students to read it?  (3) Will students be able to answer “Why is this important?” after the module?
In essence, we want students to be excited about learning human anatomy and  physiology. During the revision process, our team of content experts, medical illustrators,  award-winning teaching professionals, academic authors, and publishing specialists worked  together to write and design this academic text. We scrutinized every sentence, visual,  and layout, ensuring that the narrative made sense, the content was accurate, and the  combinations of text and visuals flowed together seamlessly over the one- and two-page  module presentations. We read countless reviews and listened to our own students in the  classroom. This end product is the culmination of the very best all involved had to offer.
To help improve future editions, we encourage you to send any pertinent information and remarks about the organization or content of this textbook to us directly, using the e-mail addresses below. We warmly welcome comments and suggestions and will carefully consider them in the preparation of the Fourth Edition.

New to the Third Edition of Visual Anatomy & Physiology Global
· A NEW emphasis on using art more effectively informs multiple changes  to layout and figure organization, as well as a new system of integrated figure  prompts and questions. These help students view and navigate the art more  efficiently and effectively to enhance learning.
· NEW Smart Art with QR codes. This new feature, which appears adjacent  to select figures, gives students access to videos that help them navigate tough  topics and reinforces the pedagogy of our art.
· NEW Modules 1.1 through 1.5 introduce students to the importance of  studying the art in the book and then guide them in how to study the figures in  the text.
· NEW Module Review and Module Integration questions. Module Review  questions appear adjacent to their relevant figures to encourage and prompt  students to read the text and view the art together. Module Integration questions at the end of a module encourage the student to engage in higher  order learning skills.
· NEW Everyday Physiology features are included throughout the text to add  interest and help students see connections to real-life applications.
· The color palette has been enhanced to make the art more vibrant.
· Chapter 15 has been revised to place the section on vision before the section  on equilibrium and hearing.
· The topics in Chapters 18 and 19 have been reversed: the heart and  cardiovascular function are addressed before blood vessels and circulation.
This arrangement provides a stronger foundation for understanding the  structural and physiological factors that affect cardiac output and blood flow  throughout the body.
· Terms have been standardized to match Terminologia Anatomica, Terminologia Histologica, and Terminologia Embryologica. Stedman’s Medical Dictionary  was used for terms not found in the preceding books

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