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Oxford Handbook of Oncology 4th Ed

Oxford Handbook of Oncology 4th Ed PDF

Author: Jim Cassidy, Donald Bissett, et al.

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Publish Date: October 13, 2015

ISBN-10: 0199689849

Pages: 928

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

There have been major developments in the field of oncology in the past decade—most strikingly in the new information that has become available on the understanding of the biology of carcinogenesis. These changes have resulted from advances in technology which have led to rapid, less costly genomic studies and greater understanding of cell signalling pathways. These have come at a time of closer interaction between basic scientists and those involved with drug development and treatment. As a result, numerous new agents have been synthesized to interfere with pathways felt to be important in the development of malignant cells and their metastasis, and many of these have moved forward into various phases of clinical trials. Several new agents have entered clinical practice as a result and have broadened the therapeutic options in a variety of tumour types. In addition, radiotherapy techniques have improved dramatically to further increase therapeutic options. All these developments are occurring, as the incidence of most types of cancer is markedly increasing.

It is at just such a time of rapid change that a new edition of the Oxford Handbook of Oncology is of enormous value to all those involved in the management of cancer. All clinicians aim to manage their patients in the most effective and evidence-based manner, and this book will help them to achieve that by providing well-organized, up-to-date information on all important aspects of oncology. The excellent sections on aetiology, epidemiology, and genetics provide important information which can be passed on to patients when, as is often the case, they ask about why they have developed cancer. There are valuable sections which cover general management options, including the treatment of infections, the use of radiation therapy, and the roles of biological and targeted therapies. The subsequent sections, which cover key aspects of every major (and most of the less common) tumour types, are written in a concise and easily accessed format, providing all the key information that is needed to make important management decisions.

This book will continue to be of enormous value to a wide spectrum of those managing patients with cancer. It is already widely used by trainees and established oncologists alike but should, additionally, be of considerable interest and value to medical students, nurses, and a variety of paramedical personnel involved in oncology. It will also be a valuable asset for general practitioners, palliative care clinicians, and non-specialists who are increasingly becoming involved at some stage in the care pathway of cancer patients.

Professor Will Steward
Head, Department of Cancer Studies
and Molecular Medicine
University of Leicester

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