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Principles of Biotechnology

Principles of Biotechnology PDF

Author: Salem Press

Publisher: Salem Press


Publish Date: March 12, 2018

ISBN-10: 1682176789

Pages: 400

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

Salem Press is pleased to add Principles of Biotechnology as the ninth title in the Principles of series that includes Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, Computer Science,  Physical Science, Biology, and Scientific Research

� This  new resource introduces students and researchers  to the fundamentals of biotechnology using easy-tounderstand language that gives readers a solid start  and deeper understanding and appreciation of this  complex subject

�ƒ The 134 articles include 109 entries that  explain basic principles of biotechnology,  ranging from Alternative energy sources to Zygomycetes, with attention paid to Cloning;  Synthetic fuels; Medicinal plants; Stem cell research and technology; Genetically modified  organisms; and more� All of the entries are arranged in A to Z order, making it easy to  find  the topic of interest

� The volume also features 23 biographies of  key figures in biotechnology that include a  description of each individual’s significant  contributions to the field, ranging from David  Baltimore to David Norton Zinder� Entries related to basic principles and concepts include the following:ƒ Fields of study to illustrate the connections  between the topic and the various branches of science related to biotechnology; ƒ An Abstract that provides brief, concrete  summary of the topic and how the entry is  organized;ƒ Text that gives an explanation of the background and significance of the topic to biotechnology as well as describing the way a process works, how a procedure or technique  is applied to achieve important goals related to the environment, health, nutrition, industry, and agriculture

� Illustrations that clarify difficult concepts  via models, diagrams, and charts of such key topics as biomechanical engineering and DNA fingerprinting; ƒ Further reading lists that relate to the entry. Entries related to important figures in biotechnology include the following: ƒA brief overview of the individual and his or her contributions; ƒKey dates and biographical data; Primary field(s) and specialties; Sidebars explaining the individual’s signifi-cant advances, inventions, or discoveries; Text that provides information about the scientist’s Early Life, Life’s Work, and Impact; ƒFurther reading lists that relate to the entry.
This reference work begins with a comprehensive introduction to the field, written by volume editor Christina A. Crawford, Assistant Director for Science and Engineering at the Rice Office of STEM Engagement (R-STEM) at Rice University in Houston, Texas. The book includes helpful appendixes as another valuable resource, including the following: ƒTime Line of Inventions and Scientific Advancements in Biotechnology Glossary; ƒGeneral Bibliography; and ƒSubject Index.
Salem Press and Grey House Publishing extend their appreciation to all involved in the development and production of this work. The entries have been written by experts in the field. Their names and affiliations follow the Editor’s Introduction.
Principles of Biotechnology, as well as all Salem Press reference books, is available in print and as an e-book. Please visit for more information.

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