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Modern Project Management


Author: Tarun Soota

Publisher: New Age International


Publish Date: December 1, 2008

ISBN-10: 8122416160

Pages: 236

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

Projects are more complex than they seem to appear because of recurring changes in resources, objectives, requirements and technology, etc. Therefore project management is truly a science to deal with systematic and cost effective presentation, execution, re-evaluation and reporting of an important activity. The project managers are the unsung heroes who in most cases stand outside the public eye but without whose talents and skills most neat ideas would never amount to anything. They are responsible for giving shape to products, systems and things, which we take for granted or marvel.

The rapid pace of change in technology has led to products or processes evolving at an accelerated pace. This accelerated pace has a direct impact on the frequency and conduct of projects–whether projects to develop products, systems and processes that compete in local, domestic or international markets. The projects may be anything from developing of a software, installation of an equipment, creation and developing new ways of meeting demand for energy, recreation, housing, communications, transportation and food or to resolve problems of pollution and disease.

This book attempts to explain the concepts of project management in a simple and effective manner. The need for the book was felt to provide a comprehensive coverage of concepts of projects and bridge the gap between the students and professionals. It gives a grasp over modern trends and techniques of project management. This book is useful for those involved in preparation and evaluation of feasibility study and those involved with selection, implementation and evaluation of projects. The presented material contains complete syllabus of Project Management subject to be taught at III’rd year B Tech, Mechanical and Production Engineering of UPTU Lucknow.

The chapters 1 and 2 are concerned with giving an overview of the characteristics and concepts of project management. The next two chapters involve the project identification, screening, selection and planning at a system level. Feasibility study forms an important part of project selection and planning has been discussed in detail. Chapter 5 involves structuring and controlling the most important resource of project, which is human resource. The role of project manager in project direction, coordination and control is explained in the next chapter. Network concepts are an integral part of project management to understand the entire project. Various types of questions and case study has been incorporated to explain the practical aspects and utility in solving complicated problems.

In addition to above, the application of total quality to project management has been discussed. The relevance of inventory control, material requirement planning and supply chain management has been elaborated. With the growing application of computer-based techniques and the use of Internet, e-commerce has opened new visas for exploration in web based project management. A chapter based on the application of information technology in projects has been introduced keeping in view the future of project management.

Constructive criticism and suggestions will be appreciated for enhancing the utility of the book.

R.C. Mishra
Tarun Soota

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