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MCAT Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills Review 2023-2024: Online + Book

MCAT Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills Review 2023-2024: Online + Book PDF

Author: Kaplan Test Prep

Publisher: Kaplan Test Prep


Publish Date: July 5, 2022

ISBN-10: 1506282997

Pages: 336

File Type: Epub

Language: English

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Book Preface

Kaplan MCAT Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills Review, and the other six books in the Kaplan MCAT Review series, bring the Kaplan classroom experience to you—right in your home, at your convenience. This book offers the same Kaplan strategies and practice that make Kaplan the #1 choice for MCAT prep.

This book is designed to help you review the Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills section of the MCAT. Unlike other books in this MCAT series, there is no content to review for the Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills section. The questions are written in such a way that they do not presume any prior fund of knowledge. In other words, all the support that is needed to answer the questions correctly is found in the corresponding pages.

Learning Objectives

At the beginning of each chapter, you’ll find a short list of objectives describing the skills covered within that chapter. Learning objectives for these texts were developed in conjunction with Kaplan’s learning science team. They have been designed specifically to focus your attention on tasks and concepts that are likely to be relevant to your MCAT testing experience. These learning objectives will function as a means to guide your review of the chapter and indicate what information and relationships you should be focused on within each chapter. Before starting each chapter, read these learning objectives carefully. They will not only allow you to assess your existing familiarity with the content of the chapter, but also provide a goal-oriented focus for your studying experience.


The following is a guide to the five types of sidebars you’ll find in Kaplan MCAT Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills Review:

  • Bridge: These sidebars create connections between science topics that appear in multiple chapters throughout the Kaplan MCAT Review series.
  • Key Concept: These sidebars draw attention to the most important takeaways in a given topic, and they sometimes offer synopses or overviews of complex information. If you understand nothing else, make sure you grasp the Key Concepts for any given subject.
  • MCAT Expertise: These sidebars point out how information may be tested on the MCAT or offer key strategy points and test-taking tips that you should apply on Test Day.
  • Mnemonic: These sidebars present memory devices to help recall certain facts.
  • Real World: These sidebars illustrate how a concept in the text relates to the practice of medicine or the world at large. While this is not information you need to know for Test Day, many of the topics in Real World sidebars are excellent examples of how a concept may appear in a passage or discrete (stand-alone) question on the MCAT.

In the end, this is your book, so write in the margins, draw diagrams, highlight the key points—do whatever is necessary to help you get that higher score. We look forward to working with you as you achieve your dreams and become the doctor you deserve to be!

Table of Contents

The Kaplan MCAT Review Team

Getting Started Checklist


About Scientific American

About the MCAT

How This Book Was Created

Using This Book

Studying for the MCAT

Chapter 1: About Cars

1.1The CARS Section


1.3Question Categories

Chapter 2: Using Your Test Day Tools

2.1Test Day Tools

2.2Navigation Tools

2.3Interface Tools

Chapter 3: Rhetoric and Arguments

3.1Key Components of Rhetoric

3.2Key Components of Arguments

3.3Analyzing Passages with Rhetoric and Arguments

Chapter 4: Previewing The Passage

4.1Timing in the CARS Section

4.2Previewing CARS Passages

4.3Determining Passage Order

Chapter 5: Reading The Passage

5.1Reading Strategically with Keywords

5.2Relation Keywords

5.3Logic Keywords

5.4Author Keywords

Chapter 6: Distilling Passage Information

6.1Choosing Your Approach

6.2Highlighting the Passage

6.3Outlining the Passage

6.4Interrogating the Passage

Chapter 7: Applying The Kaplan Passage Strategy

7.1The Kaplan Passage Method

7.2Humanities Passages

7.3Social Sciences Passages

Chapter 8: Question And Answer Strategy

8.1The Kaplan Method for CARS Questions

8.2Wrong Answer Pathologies

8.3Signs of a Healthy Answer

Chapter 9: Question Types I: Foundations of Comprehension Questions

9.1Main Idea Questions

9.2Detail Questions

9.3Inference Questions

9.4Definition-in-Context Questions

Chapter 10: Question Types II: Reasoning within The Text Questions

10.1Function Questions

10.2Strengthen–Weaken (Within the Passage) Questions

10.3Other Reasoning Within the Text Questions

Chapter 11: Question Types III: Reasoning Beyond The Text Questions

11.1Apply Questions

11.2Strengthen–Weaken (Beyond the Passage) Questions

11.3Other Reasoning Beyond the Text Questions

Chapter 12: Effective Review of Cars

12.1Learning from Your Mistakes

12.2Thinking Like the Testmaker: Post-Phrasing

12.3Improving Your Timing

12.4Building Endurance

12.5Enhancing Your Vocabulary

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