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Encyclopedia of Plants and Flowers

Encyclopedia of Plants and Flowers PDF

Author: Christopher Brickell

Publisher: DK


Publish Date: October 1, 2019

ISBN-10: 1465485031

Pages: 744

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

This new edition of the Encyclopedia of Plants and Flowers is a testament to  the continuing value of this reference for gardeners. It is nearly 20 years since  the first edition was published, and this special work continues to earn its  place on any bookshelf.

We have endeavored to make information available to all on every aspect of  horticulture. What makes this encyclopedia so special is the breadth of its  appeal to both beginners and experienced gardeners. As a reference work, it  covers all of the key areas of how to create a garden and provides detailed plant  profiles in its extensive A–Z dictionary. It is the plant catalog, however, that  really gives this book its wide reach, removing barriers to accessing  information and providing inspiration for all gardeners. Structured according  to garden use, plant form, color, and size, this section allows readers to find the  plants they need without any prior horticultural knowledge. The detailed  descriptions, accurate naming, and cultivation advice is of use to everyone.
In all, this is the ideal introduction to garden plants and how to use them. Garden plants continue to increase in diversity. Expert nurseries breed new  forms and gardeners continually experiment with where and how to grow  plants. These advances are especially important today, as the increasing impact  of climate change presents us with both challenges and opportunities. This new  edition is updated with some of these recent introductions, and reflects our most recent knowledge about our changing world.

As Director of Horticulture for the Royal Horticultural Society in the United  Kingdom, I am privileged to be involved with all four of our established  gardens—RHS Wisley, Rosemoor, Hyde Hall, Harlow Carr, and our developing  fifth garden, RHS Bridgewater in Salford. Walking around these gardens with  the curators and their teams, discussing new plans and developments, is to  enjoy a living reflection of this encyclopedia. Every garden has a well-used copy,  constantly referenced by both students and experienced staff to check facts and  to catalyze new ideas.

Our thanks and gratitude is due again to the Editor-in-Chief, Chris Brickell.  His name is synonymous with many of the books that helped galvanize  my early interest in gardening and my subsequent training, so it’s an immense  pleasure for me to write this preface. I also wish to thank and acknowledge the  extensive number of expert contributors for so freely sharing their knowledge.  I am delighted to introduce this new edition, which I hope will continue to  inspire all to garden

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