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Theorizing Surveillance (Crime Ethnography)


Author: David Lyon

Publisher: Willan


Publish Date: September 1, 2006

ISBN-10: 184392191X

Pages: 382

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

The international research workshop out of which the chapters for this book grew was part of the ‘Globalization of Personal Data’ project, funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. The Surveillance Project, which hosted the workshop, is a highly congenial and collegial environment in which to work, for which I am very grateful. Joan Sharpe, Project Manager, deserves thanks for her coordination of the workshop and Emily Smith, a Project Researcher, has been an unflappable and buoyant editorial assistant on this book.

David Lyon
Queen’s University


Part 1 Introduction 1
1 The search for surveillance theories 3
David Lyon
Part 2 Post-Panoptic Surveillance Theory 21
2 Tear down the walls: on demolishing the panopticon 23
Kevin D. Haggerty
3 Security, exception, ban and surveillance 46
Didier Bigo
4 Looking into the future: surveillance, globalization and the totalitarian potential 69
Maria Los
Part 3 Space and Time in Surveillance Theory 95
5 Surveillance assemblages and lines of flight 97
William Bogard
6 Tense theory: the temporalities of surveillance 123
Gary Genosko and Scott Thompson
7 Pre-empting panoptic surveillance: surviving the inevitable war on terror 139
Greg Elmer and Andy Opel
Part 4 Subjects and Contexts of Surveillance 161
8 ‘The other side of surveillance’: webcams, power and agency 163
Hille Koskela
9 Telemonitoring of cardiac patients: user-centred research as input for surveillance theories 182
Lynsey Dubbeld
10 The role of confession in reflective practice: monitored continuing professional development (CPD) in health care and the paradox of professional autonomy 206
Mark Cole
11 Supplementing the panoptic paradigm: surveillance, moral governance and CCTV 230
Sean P. Hier, Kevin Walby and Josh Greenberg
Part 5 Security, Power, Agency and Resistance 245
12 Surveillance, urbanization and the US ‘Revolution in Military Affairs’ 247
Stephen Graham
13 Electronic government and surveillance-oriented society 270
Toshimaru Ogura
14 Organization, surveillance and the body: towards a politics of resistance 296
Kirstie Ball
15 Quixotics unite! Engaging the pragmatists on rational discrimination 318
Oscar H. Gandy, Jr.

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