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The Rehabilitation Specialist’s Handbook 4th Edition


Author: Serge H. Roy ScD PT

Publisher: F.A. Davis Company


Publish Date: December 21, 2012

ISBN-10: 803639066

Pages: 1296

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

This Fourth Edition of the Rehabilitation Specialist’s Handbook is a testament to the fact that information, and the technology for communicating it, has expanded at an exponential rate. While many of the early attributes designed for easy access in the Handbook have been retained, this one edition has undergone more extensive modifications than all previous editions combined. We may have even reached the point at which the term “revision” is outdated, because the new content in Edition 4 has surpassed that retained from previous editions.

If this is your first exposure to the Handbook, then these changes are inconsequential . . . just enjoy the book, and make full use of our efforts to keep pace with the times. To those of you who have consulted previous Handbook editions, we hope you will continue to appreciate the fact that we have not compromised our goal of providing you with information that is easily retrievable, substantive, and relevant to rehabilitation practice.

When first opening this book, you will notice that the content has been completely reorganized into sections that emphasize its relationship to rehabilitation practices, such as “Tools and Essentials for Practice,” “Specialty Areas of Practice,” and “Resources for Practice.” More generalized information for the different body systems is now listed in a separate section. Each of the components within these sections has been expanded significantly—not only by updating the material from the third edition, but also by adding new sections that reflect either the growing importance of specific sub-specialties in rehabilitation (Women’s Health, Oncology, Genetics, and Geriatrics), and new technological advancements that provide resources for practice (Prosthetics, Orthotics, Wheelchairs and Seating). The specialty areas and resources for practice have been particularly strengthened by recruiting experts in the field to co-author sections, or components within them, that have been revised, or in some cases originated, so that the content truly reflects contemporary, clinical expertise. These individuals, to whom we are greatly indebted, are listed prominently immediately following the Preface.



PART I Tools and Essentials for Practice 1

SECTION I Concepts and Constructs 2
SECTION II Americans with Disabilities Act 18

PART II Body Systems 35
SECTION III Musculoskeletal 36
SECTION IV Neuromuscular 193
SECTION V Cardiovascular 417
SECTION VI Pulmonary 505
SECTION VII Integumentary 543

PART III Specialty Areas of Practice 591
SECTION VIII Pediatrics 592
SECTION IX Geriatrics 647
SECTION X Women’s Health 689
SECTION XI Oncology 714
SECTION XII General Medicine 751
SECTION XIII Genetics 869

PART IV Resources for Practice 889
SECTION XIV Kinesiology, Biomechanics, and Gait 890
SECTION XV Prosthetics 934
SECTION XVI Orthotics 1020
SECTION XVII Wheelchair Assessment and Prescription 1041
SECTION XVIII Physical Agents 1079
SECTION XIX Pharmacology 1122
SECTION XX Translations: Useful Expressions 1162
APPENDIX Reference Tables, Conversion Charts, and First Aid 1215

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