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Shared By The Dragon Clan series (1-4) by Rosette Bolter


Author: Rosette Bolter

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services


Publish Date: 2014

ISBN-10: B00NW436ZC

Pages: 3977

File Type: Epub

Language: English

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Book Preface

Stacey sat up and arched her back forward. She put her hands out on the wet ground in front of her.

Conrad watched, unflinching. “Clothes,” he repeated.

Stacey crawled across the concrete until she was at his feet. She put her hands around Conrad’s legs and he allowed it.

“Please,” she said. “This isn’t a dignified setting.”

“It’s dignified enough for me,” Conrad replied. “And what’s good enough for me is good enough for you.”

He went for the collar of her dress and she latched onto his wrists.

“There are other ways I can be of use to you,” Stacey protested. “I only ask that you show me mercy. As you showed your brother…”

Conrad’s hands relaxed. They shifted from the dress to form a cup around Stacey’s neck.

“You are not my brother,” Conrad said. “And I intend to use you in every way you can imagine. Now, if you want my mercy, you will get naked for me. Your body is not sacred.”

Stacey closed her eyes. She let her hands slip from him, and slowly backed away across the ground. She opened her eyes again and looked out to the sky behind Conrad. Searching… Searching… Searching through the storm…

“He’s not coming to save you this time,” Conrad stated. “There is more in his life than you.”

Stacey continued to hesitate.

“I can do it for you,” Conrad said. “If you leave me no choice.”

“No,” Stacey replied. “I can do it.”

She stood up and put her hands to the back of the dress. Moments later it fell from her body in a saturated heap.

She took tiny steps backward. Her arms covered her parts.

Conrad advanced.

He stooped to retrieve the dress from the ground. He held it up, dripping.

Stacey cringed.

As his eyes centered on her, Conrad opened his mouth and stuffed the dress inside it. After it appeared to be swallowed, his body emitted a momentary green glow.

Conrad licked his lips. “Come here, Slave. I’m still hungry.”

Stacey continued to shield herself. Her feet were glued to the ground.

Conrad took a step towards her.

He reached out and ruffled her hair. “Why do you do that?” he mused. “Why do you make me feel like such a monster?”

“I don’t belong to you,” Stacey said trembling.

“I’ve had you before though.”

“I haven’t had you.”

Conrad put his hand to his chest and ripped the shirt from his body.

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