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Savage Prince (Corrupt Kingdom Book 1)

Savage Prince (Corrupt Kingdom Book 1) PDF

Author: Sophie Winters

Publisher: Independently published


Publish Date: August 1, 2022


Pages: 408

File Type: Epub, PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

My hand shakes as I smooth down the skirt of my dress, dragging in a deep breath as the double doors in front of me open.

You can do this, Rose, I tell myself, trying to settle my nerves. You have to do this.

The little voice in my head that won’t let me forget why I’m here adds that last bit, reminding me that despite the confusing mix of emotions churning in my chest, I really don’t have the option to cut and run. Plenty of women can become runaway brides, but I’m not one of them.

I can’t run. Not if I want my father to live.

Music swells inside the church, a familiar strain of stringed instruments. As the processional begins, I grip my bouquet tightly, clutching the silk-wrapped stems like a lifeline.

One step.



For the first several steps, I’m just focused on making myself keep moving forward, trying to ignore the hundreds of gazes burning into me as the guests all turn their focus in my direction.

Then my gaze darts up toward the altar at the back of the church, and for the first time, my footsteps stutter. Everything else seems to fade away, the guests disappearing from my periphery as if they’ve ceased to exist. All I can see is the man in the perfectly tailored suit standing in front of the priest, his piercing blue eyes tracking my every movement.

Even in the sharp black suit that covers up most of his tattoos, Aiden O’Reilly still looks like a predator.

And what kind of prey does that make me, to be willingly walking right into the lion’s den?

That thought flits through my mind as I recover my composure, my heart racing wildly as I find my even stride again, walking slowly toward the tall, broad-shouldered man. I’m only halfway down the aisle, but even from this distance, I can see the way his nostrils waver as he draws in a breath. I can see the slight movement in his throat as he swallows, the muscles in his cheek rippling as he clenches his jaw.

I can’t look away from him as my feet bring us closer together, step by slow step. My pulse races, blood rushing in my ears, and Aiden’s eyes burn like ice as he watches me approach, the piercing blue of his irises strange and familiar all at once.

This man has been so many things to me.

My first love.

My worst enemy.

My temptation.

My tormentor.

And in just a few moments…

He’ll become my husband.

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