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SAT Study Guide Premium, 2023: 8 Practice Tests + Comprehensive Review + Online Practice

SAT Study Guide Premium, 2023: 8 Practice Tests + Comprehensive Review + Online Practice PDF

Author: Brian W. Stewart M.Ed.

Publisher: Barrons Educational Services


Publish Date: July 5, 2022

ISBN-10: 1506264573

Pages: 1056

File Type: Epub

Language: English

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Book Preface

This book is designed to allow for highly targeted preparation for the SAT. Based on your previous SAT scores or the SAT Diagnostic Test in this book, review the strategies and content knowledge that are most relevant to your needs. There are hundreds of drills that range in difficulty from easy to challenging so that you can achieve the very best results for your personal situation.

Diagnostic Test

First, take the Diagnostic Test to gain an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. It is a complete test with answer explanations and a question-type analysis guide so you know what types of concepts need the most attention.

Review and Practice

The Reading, Writing and Language, and Math sections each have:

■Proven test-taking strategies that allow you to customize your approach

■Extensive review of key concepts, particularly grammar and math knowledge

■Practice questions fully aligned with SAT content

■Advanced practice drills for ambitious students

Practice Tests

The final section of the book offers the opportunity to take four full-length practice tests that include all question types found on the actual SAT for the Reading, Writing and Language, and Math (calculator and non-calculator) sections. Comprehensive answer explanations are provided for all questions.

Online Practice

In addition to the Diagnostic Test and four practice tests within this book, there are also three full-length online practice exams. You may take these exams in practice (untimed) mode or in timed mode. All questions include answer explanations.

For Students

Every strategy and explanation is based on what I have found works best for students on the actual SAT. No matter your personal goals and background knowledge, you will find practice drills and test-taking strategies that are geared toward your situation. Look at the SAT as an opportunity to showcase all of your knowledge and skills for colleges.

Best of luck,
Brian W. Stewart

For Teachers

While many students will like working through this book independently, others will maximize their learning when they have a great teacher or tutor as their guide. Help your students work smarter instead of simply harder by utilizing the concept reviews and drills most appropriate for your students’ needs. Also, you can coach your students on which test-taking strategies will be the best fit based on their past performance. I am hopeful that the skills students develop from using this book will help them not just with the SAT, but also with their academic coursework and future careers. If you have any suggestions for future editions, please reach out via the publisher.

Brian W. Stewart

Table of Contents

About the Author

How to Use This Book


Welcome to the SAT


SAT Diagnostic Test

Reading Test

Writing and Language Test

Math Test (No Calculator)

Math Test (Calculator)

Answers Explained


Introduction and Strategies

Question Drills

Full-Length Passage Drills

Advanced Drills


Introduction and Strategies

Grammar Review

Advanced Drills


Introduction and Strategies

Heart of Algebra

Passport to Advanced Math

Problem Solving and Data Analysis

Additional Topics in Math

Advanced Drills


Practice Test 1

Answer Key

Answers Explained

Practice Test 2

Answer Key

Answers Explained

Practice Test 3

Answer Key

Answers Explained

Practice Test 4

Answer Key

Answers Explained


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