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Mathematics for Engineers II: Calculus and Linear Algebra


Author: Gerd Baumann

Publisher: R Oldenbourg Verlag GmbH


Publish Date: January 1, 2010

ISBN-10: 3486590405

Pages: 323

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

The current text Mathematics for Engineers is a collection of four volumes covering the first three up to the fifth terms in undergraduate education. The text is mainly written for engineers but might be useful for students of applied mathematics and mathematical physics, too.

Students and lecturers will find more material in the volumes than a traditional lecture will be able to cover. The organization of each of the volumes is done in a systematic way so that students will find an approach to mathematics. Lecturers will select their own material for their needs and purposes to conduct their lecture to students.

For students the volumes are helpful for their studies at home and for their preparation for exams. In addition the books may be also useful for private study and continuing education in mathematics. The large number of examples, applications, and comments should help the students to strengthen their knowledge.

The volumes are organized as follows: Volume I treats basic calculus with differential and integral calculus of single valued functions. We use a systematic approach following a bottom -up strategy to introduce the different terms needed. Volume II covers series and sequences and first order differential  equations as a calculus part. The second part of the volume is related to linear algebra. Volume III treats vector calculus and differential equations of higher order. In Volume IV we use the material of the previous volumes in numerical applications; it related to numerical methods and practical calculations. Each of the volumes is accompan ed by a CD containing the Mathematica of the book.

As prerequisites we assume that students had the basic high school education in algebra and geometry. However, the presentation of the material starts with the very elementary subjects like numbers and introduces in a systematic way step by step the concepts for functions. This allows us to repeat most of the material known from high school in a systematic way, and in a broader frame. This way the reader will be able to use and categorize his knowledge and extend his old frame work to a new one

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