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Macroeconomics (Available Titles Aplia) 9th Edition

Macroeconomics (Available Titles Aplia) 9th Edition PDF

Author: Roger A. Arnold

Publisher: South-Western College Pub


Publish Date: December 12, 2008

ISBN-10: 032478550X

Pages: 528

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

Let Roger Arnold’s Economics be your partner for success. With innovative new pedagogical features, increased coverage of globalization, easy customization, and fully integrated digital options, Economics may be your perfect solution. Packed with intriguing pop culture examples, the text illustrates that economics is both a huge factor in how the world works, and an integral part of the day-to-day experiences of the average college student.

What Matters to You in the 9th Edition?
Office Hours
This new feature seeks to emulate the kinds of questions you bring to Economics instructors after class. Office Hours explores key concepts such as how the money supply works; the purpose of the PPF; marginal revenue and marginal costs; and the purpose of the AD/AS framework. Enhanced “Thinking Like an Economist” This classic feature now rotates through the narrative along with two new features: Finding Economics and Common Misconceptions. Incorporating Thinking Like an Economist into the narrative of each chapter helps to better emphasize the importance of developing this skill—to view the world through the lens of economic analysis.
• Finding Economics illustrates the economics around us, such as how a technological advance in farming may end up resulting in more attorneys, accountants, or teachers.
• Common Misconceptions illuminates murky questions like whether one person’s profit is another person’s loss, and whether the wealthy really pay a lower percentage of taxes than others.

Enhanced Globalization Coverage
This chapter has been significantly expanded, revised and updated. It now offers a total picture of how globalization affects the U.S., and how economies interact throughout the world.
Many New Applications
The Ninth Edition of Economics includes many new applications in the proven favorite—Economics
24/7 features. Here are just a few of the applications that are new to the Ninth Edition, demonstrating Arnold’s emphasis on current events that are relevant to your lives:
• Which is better, a tax rebate or a tax bonus?
• Is economics at work in the plastic surgeon’s office?
• What economic concepts are illustrated in the popular ABC television series, Lost?
• Is the law of demand at work for iPods?
• How can we accurately compare GDP between different countries?
• How does the government spend taxpayers’ money?

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