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Human Physiology: An Integrated Approach (5th Edition)


Author: Dee Unglaub Silverthorn

Publisher: Benjamin Cummings


Publish Date: October 17, 2009

ISBN-10: 321559800

Pages: 992

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

About the Author

DEE UNGLAUB SILVERTHORN studied biology as an undergraduate at Tulane University and received a Ph.D. in marine science from the University of South Carolina. Her research interest is epithelial transport, and recent work in her laboratory has focused on transport properties of the chick allantoic membrane. She began her teaching career in the Physiology Department at the Medical University of
South Carolina but over the years has taught a wide range of students, from medical and college students to those still preparing for higher education. At the University of Texas she teaches physiology in both lecture and laboratory settings, and instructs graduate students in a course on developing teaching skills in the life sciences. She has received numerous teaching awards and honors, including the 2009 Outstanding Undergraduate Science Teacher Award from the Society for College Science Teachers, the American Physiological Society s Claude Bernard Distinguished Lecturer and Arthur C. Guyton Physiology Educator of the
Year, and multiple awards from UT-Austin, including the Burnt Orange Apple Award. The first edition of this textbook won the 1998 Robert W. Hamilton Author Award for best textbook published in 1997 98 by a University of Texas faculty
member. Dee recently completed six years as editor-inchief of Advances in Physiology Education and she works with members of the International Union of Physiological Sciences to improve physiology education in developing countries. She is a member of the American Physiological Society, the Human Anatomy and Physiology Society, the Society for Comparative and Integrative Biology, the
Association for Biology Laboratory Education, and the Society for College Science Teachers. Her free time is spent creating multimedia fiber art and enjoying the Texas hill country with her husband, Andy, and their dogs.

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