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Home Comforts by James Martin


Author: James Martin

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Book Preface

I’ve been doing this job for 20 years now and never have I had such an amazing response to an idea and a show as I have with Home Comforts.

I think that’s because, like most of us, I work harder now than I’ve ever done, with longer hours and more stress. And after all those long days, there is nothing that I like more than chilling out at home with some delicious, comforting food. I don’t mean what we traditionally call ‘comfort food’, such as pie and mash or rib-sticking steamed puddings with custard (though those are here, too); to me, comforting food can just as easily be a beautifully made and cleverly dressed salad, a magnificent fish with a piquant salsa verde or a fresh raspberry and vodka jelly.

I’ve been very lucky to travel the world with my job, learning more about food, but there truly is no place like home. The UK is a very special place and I only realised that when I was seeing less of it. So to do a show based at home seemed an obvious thing to do. And it made my dogs happy, not only to have me around more, but also because – as they bounced around during the filming of the TV show and then afterwards in the photoshoot for this book – they got to hoover up the bits and bobs of food that fell off the tables… So they, like me, have really loved putting the book together!

Here are the recipes I love to cook at home. The ones I turn to when away from the restaurant and from TV studios. These are all the things I’ve learned over my career, coupled with some new recipes inspired by local producers and suppliers. And what amazing people we have met along the way, from cordial brewers to pork farmers and fabulous cheese makers. We should all look and see what is on our doorstep, there’s plenty of delicious stuff for us all to discover.

This is a project I should have done ages ago. It’s all about the food and working with food for as long as I have makes you understand it a little more. It makes you enjoy it more, too. And most importantly of all, it makes you crave that moment when you arrive home and get into the kitchen. We could all do with more home comforts. I hope you love these recipes as much as I do.

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Epub, Mobi, Pdf May 30, 2020

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