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Foods: Experimental Perspectives (8th Edition)

Foods: Experimental Perspectives (8th Edition) PDF

Author: Margaret McWilliams Ph.D. R.D. Professor Emeritus

Publisher: Pearson


Publish Date: February 5, 2016

ISBN-10: 0134204581

Pages: 560

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

The world has never focused more on the food scene than is true today. Fascination, pleasures, and concerns include unusual and exotic foods, genetic modifications, and healthy eating. Farmers and fishermen are challenged to produce enough food to feed the world despite an ever-increasing population and severe detrimental weather. Voices are raised loudly on both sides of arguments about such topics as labeling, food safety, GMOs, organic, and animal rights. Careers in food and food science are right in the middle of the scene. It is a great time to be studying to gain knowledge of the underlying science as well as the philosophical and practical aspects of food.

Careers in this realm require a depth of understanding far beyond what can be seen on television. This book is designed to help readers broaden and strengthen their scientific knowledge of food and its safe preparation. Chapter 1 introduces some food topics of particular concern to consumers, surveys government involvement, and explores opportunities in food-related careers. Part I explains the role of water in food and the physical aspects of food preparation. Parts II, III, and IV discuss carbohydrates (sugars, starch, vegetables, and fruits), lipids, and proteins (meat, eggs, milk, and baked products). Part V includes food safety, preservation, and additives. Part VI examines research basics, including sensory and objective evaluation. Laboratory experiments to augment your study are presented in my Experimental Foods Laboratory Manual, which also is published by Pearson. “Food for Thought” and other boxes highlighting unique ingredients are features of this new edition that broaden this look at the world of food. Numerous color pictures, objectives, margin notes and definitions, summary charts, and study questions are designed to enhance learning.

This revision has been updated to include new information pertinent to each chapter, ranging from the food scene and marketplace to the spectrum of foods and the science that forms the basis for their handling and preparation. Particularly extensive revisions occur in Chapters 1, 12, and 16. The sequence of chapters has been altered significantly, with the research chapters being placed following the parts discussing the science of food. Space limitations make it impossible to include background information that usually is included in an introductory class. You will find this material in my book Food Fundamentals, 10th edition, also published by Pearson.

You have chosen an important field. I hope that you will enjoy your study of food and that it will serve you well as you proceed in your career.

Brief Contents
Preface xix
Acknowledgments xxi
Chapter 1 Today’s Food Scene 3
Chapter 2 Water 27
Chapter 3 Physical Aspects of Food Preparation 39
Chapter 4 Overview of Carbohydrates 61
Chapter 5 Monosaccharides, Disaccharides, and Sweeteners 73
Chapter 6 Starch 101
Chapter 7 Vegetables and Fruits 125
Chapter 8 Overview of Fats and Oils 167
Chapter 9 Fats and Oils in Food Products 183
Chapter 10 Overview of Proteins 211
Chapter 11 Milk and Milk Products 223
Chapter 12 Meats, Poultry, and Fish 251
Chapter 13 Eggs 285
Chapter 14 Dimensions of Baking 313
Chapter 15 Baking Applications 343
Chapter 16 Food Safety Concerns and Controls 375
Chapter 17 Food Preservation 403
Chapter 18 Food Additives 427
Chapter 19 The Research Process 443
Chapter 20 Sensory Evaluation 461
Chapter 21 Objective Evaluation 485
Appendix: Metrics 501
Glossary 505
Credits 521
Index 523

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