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Energy Leadership: The 7 Level Framework for Mastery In Life and Business 2nd Edition

Energy Leadership: The 7 Level Framework for Mastery In Life and Business 2nd Edition PDF

Author: Bruce D Schneider

Publisher: Wiley


Publish Date: August 9, 2022

ISBN-10: 1119899540

Pages: 288

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

With Unlimited Gratitude to . . .
Joan Ryan, the most fascinating human being I’ve ever known. Thank you for sharing your life with me.
Liz Fisch, for being a wonderful friend and partner. It’s always a delight to have you contribute your gifts throughout much of my work, including this one.
Monica Coleman, Luke Iorio, and my daughter Erica Schneider, for being my partners and a few of my favorite teachers.
A special thank- you to my other partners, friends, and family members, as well as iPEC’s outstanding leadership team, trainers, staff, mentor coaches, and success coaches. There are too many to mention each one by name here, but they are all in my heart as well as my writing. A few of them include:
Chris Miller and the other Eureka team members, Craig Schneider-man, Paul, Maria, and Gianina Monroe, Sherri Gerek, Simone Noordegraaf, Heather Doyle, Amy Everhart, Cindy Gardner, Lisa Kaplin, Tonya Echols, Tommy Acierno, John Bond, Steve Coleman, Deb Van de Grift, Gary Fisch, Paul and Kathy Mummolo, Hanna VanKuiken, Larry Gerek, Bill Bent, Zack Lemelle, Susan Stone, Jerry Schneiderman, Joyce Schneiderman, Ed Abel, Gary Kamen, Kellie De Ruyter, Jessica and Carlos Beltran, Brandon Dunn, Eleni Flescher, Kim Connor, Matt Hogan, Walter Aguilar, Maddie, Nate, and Owen Ryan, John Neral, David Scoggins, Barbara Curatolo, Jennifer Potthoff, Lynn Waldorf, Mary Jo Rathgeb, Don Madura, Caesar Salazar, John Petrillo, Micheline Germanos, Lisa Te Slaa, Ascanio Pignatelli, Nate Coleman, Tom Kress, and the talented team at Wiley— Brian Neill, Shannon Vargo, Deborah Schindlar, Donna J. Weinson, and Premkumar Narayanan.
Finally, a huge thank you to the tens of thousands of iPEC Coaches who help raise the consciousness of the world, one person at a time.

My introduction to the concepts in this book came during iPEC’s very first Energy Leadership graduate coach training program in January 2007. My coach training experience at iPEC the previous year had been life- changing, but the Energy Leadership framework truly took it to the next level.
Shortly after finishing my graduate work, I had the chance to share the material with a new client who had recently suffered a major loss and was unable to move forward. Two weeks later, we met for our next session. My client told me that the Energy Leadership concepts had inspired and moti-vated him, and he recounted a list of accomplishments that had eluded him for months. Hmm, I thought, this stuff really works!
I was hooked. So hooked, in fact, that I became a partner at iPEC, spending 12 years working with Bruce on creating and refining our coach training and client programs, as well as helping with his 2018 book, Uncov-ering the Life of Your Dreams (a fictional deep dive into the highest level of energy).
Though I retired in 2019, when Bruce asked me about helping with the new edition of Energy Leadership, I jumped at the chance.

Nearly 15 years after its publication, the story and its lessons are still incredibly relevant. Even though written in the context of a small business, the concepts are applicable to everyone in all walks of life. Though that sounds cliché, I can attest that it is true, having had exposure to thousands of life, business, executive, and corporate coaches and hearing their clients’ success stories.
In addition to updating the original book, we’ve added a Part II, where Bruce introduces advanced, yet very accessible, explanations of what actually influences and forms our energy in the present moment and shows how to use that information to achieve high performance and high consciousness.
Bruce’s and iPEC’s mission is “raising the consciousness of the world, one person at a time”; reading this book will certainly do that for you.
There is so much fear and divisiveness in our world right now. My hope is that the information in this book helps achieve a kinder world that’s filled with curiosity, open- mindedness, and optimism.

Liz Philips Fisch, PCC, CPC, MEd February 2022

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