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Eden by Nathan Evans


Author: Nathan Evans

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform


Publish Date: April 23, 2015

ISBN-10: 1511531894

Pages: 160

File Type: epub,mobi,lrf,lit,htmlz,pdb,azw

Language: English

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Book Preface

She stood in the garden, beneath a clear blue sky that stretched on for eternity. The tangle of tall grass brushed lightly against her naked legs. The comforting breeze kissed her soft, perfect skin. Her silk, black locks danced upon lazy currents.

He walked beside her.

His feet gripping the earth with each step, he dug his toes into the ground, enjoying the cool comfort the soil provided. Breathing deeply, he savored the smell of fresh, clean air. Arms outstretched, he opened and closed the fingers on each hand, forming a fist, feeling the muscles and cords work up his arm and across his broad, healthy chest. He placed his palm up before the horizon, content to find it blank—unblemished, just like the path ahead.

He turned to her, and was free from worry. She smiled, an expression of love meant only for him. Contentment flowed through him and he took her up in his embrace.

Her lips opened the door to sensation.

He pulled from her, looking into her green eyes he felt like crying. She reached out, caressing his face, calming him. He gave himself unto her touch. They were safe. They were together…

The world decided to end.

There was a loud, metallic chunk; a plug pulled from its socket. The sky shuddered, its very fabric rippling like a tarp.

Fear found her visage. She grasped him, her panicked grip biting into his shoulders. He held her tight and close, committing every nuance of her to memory. Loving her with the time he had left.

Her fingers tightened. Her grip turned to mist.

“I need you.”

“I need you too.”

The words reverberated through his mind as he was bathed in her memory. She was gone.

A moment later, so was he


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