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CloneBrews, 2nd Edition

CloneBrews, 2nd Edition PDF

Author: Tess Szamatulski and Mark Szamatulski

Publisher: Storey Publishing


Publish Date: May 5, 2010

ISBN-10: 160342539X

Pages: 439

File Type: Epub

Language: English

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Book Preface

We would like to acknowledge the following people and companies for helping us with this book. We are eternally grateful to all of them.

Many thanks to our family for all their support and encouragement: our children, Noella, Paulette, and Rob; our sons-in-law, Paul Duh and Eric Schmidt, who are both great brewers; our three incredible grandchildren, Aquinnah, Amelia, and little Paul; our mom, the late Bess Demcsak, who at the age of 79 realized she loved beer; Sharon and Michael Demcsak for all their love and support; and the Szamatulski family for all their enthusiasm.

To all our loyal customers and friends who have sampled beers with us, brewed our recipes, shared those brews with us, and brought us beers from all over the United States and the world: our manager, Burton Hansell, and Mike Sebas, Gary Chase, Tom Conti, Naheel and Jim Norton, Blake Brown, Mark Labell, Eric Condo, Jim Mitchell, Dominik Wellman, John and Mimi Mudrick, Gregg Glaser, Mike Novak, Lauren Mazurok, Tom Remilard, Mark Tambascio, Gino Gaucher, Diana Durden, Bill Breen, Joe Burton, “Dude” Nelson, Keats Gill, Doug Wilborne, Drew Rosenberg, W. Neville, Kate Chase, Charlie Versaci, Dave Fitch, Phil Clarke, Frankie Flynn, Barbara and Robert Rickman, Phil Simpson, and all the other homebrewers and friends from Maltose Express. Special thanks to Terry Boyd, of Mountview Wines in Naugatuck, Connecticut, for all the help in finding beers we needed to sample; Doug Hamm, former brewer at Elm City; Johnny Fincioen, of Global Beer Network, for sending samples of all his wonderful Belgian beers; Jeff Browning, brewer at Brü Rm; Yuengling Brewing Co.; Bill Fadeley, of Bulunda Import Export; Antonio Abraham, of Balearic Beverage Distributors; Yasuyuki “Yas” Shimauchi, of Sapporo; Drew Behr, of Magic Hat Brewing; Tomme Arthur, of Lost Abbey Brewing Co.; Mitch Steele, of Stone Brewing Co.; Anne Latchis, of Amazon; Wasfi Skaff, of American Fidelity Trading; Guinness Importing; the helpful people at Pilsner Urquell; Athenée Importing; Dave Logsdon, of Wyeast Laboratories; the very helpful people at Merchant du Vin, for sending us samples and information; and the very knowledgeable people at Vanberg and DeWulf. Also thanks to Fireworks Brewery, of White Plains, New York, and Ed Cody and Ken Espenak, of Photographic Images. Thank you to all the people who have dropped off beer for us to sample, the beers from Portugal, Spain, Poland, England, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. We were not there to thank you in person, so we hope you read this. There are many more customers and friends who have helped and supported us. We are sorry if we have left anyone out, but please accept our heartfelt thanks. We would also like to thank the late Michael Jackson for all his great books. They have been a wealth of information for us. Last of all we would like to thank our first editor, Pamela Lappies, for providing us the opportunity to write this book, and the editor of our second edition, Margaret Sutherland. We hope you enjoy our book as much as we have enjoyed writing it, and may Gambrinus, the legendary patron saint of beer, watch over you and your brews always.

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