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Calculus 9th Edition

Calculus 9th Edition PDF

Author: Ron Larson and Bruce H. Edwards

Publisher: Brooks/Cole


Publish Date: January 16, 2009

ISBN-10: 0547167024

Pages: 1328

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

Welcome to the Ninth Edition of Calculus! We are proud to offer you a new and revised version of our textbook. Much has changed since we wrote the first edition over 35 years ago. With each edition we have listened to you, our users, and have incorporated many of your suggestions for  improvement.

Throughout the years, our objective has always been to write in a precise, readable manner with the fundamental concepts and rules of calculus clearly defined and demonstrated. When writing for students, we strive to offer features and  materials that enable mastery by all types of learners. For the instructors, we aim to provide a comprehensive teaching instrument that employs proven pedagogical  techniques, freeing instructors to make the most efficient use of classroom time.  This revision brings us to a new level of change and improvement. For the past several years, we’ve maintained an independent website——that provides free solutions to all odd-numbered exercises in the text. Thousands of  students using our textbooks have visited the site for practice and help with their homework. With the Ninth Edition, we were able to use information from, including which solutions students accessed most often, to help guide the revision of the exercises. This edition of Calculus will be the first calculus textbook to use actual data from students.

We have also added a new feature called Capstone exercises to this edition. These conceptual problems synthesize key topics and provide students with a better  understanding of each section’s concepts. Capstone exercises are excellent for  classroom discussion or test prep, and instructors may find value in integrating these problems into their review of the section. These and other new features join our  time-tested pedagogy, with the goal of enabling students and instructors to make the best use of this text.

We hope you will enjoy the Ninth Edition of Calculus. As always, we welcome comments and suggestions for continued improvements


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