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Building Construction Illustrated 6th Edition

Building Construction Illustrated 6th Edition PDF

Author: Francis D. K. Ching

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ISBN-10: 111958308X

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Language: English

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Book Preface

The first edition of this illustrated guide to building construction appeared in 1975, introducing students and builders of architecture to the fundamental principles that govern how buildings are erected. It marked the emergence of a visual approach to understanding the relationship between design and construction.

In 1991, the second edition provided a more expansive survey of building construction by adding coverage of structural steel, reinforced concrete, and curtain wall systems. The third edition in 2001 remained a comprehensive introduction to the principles underlying building construction while refining the graphic format and organization of the first two editions, incorporating an expanded discussion of structural principles, elements, and systems and referencing the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines and the MasterFormat™ system established by the Constructions Specifications Institute (CSI) for organizing construction information.

The fourth edition in 2008 introduced the LEED® Green Building Rating System™ in Chapter One and referenced specific LEED criteria wherever appropriate; updated section numbers to correspond to the 2004 edition of the CSI MasterFormat™ system; and complied with the requirements of the 2006 edition of the International Building Code® (IBC). Continuing to reference the latest LEED criteria and the 2016 CSI MasterFormat system, the fifth edition of 2014 also updated information in lighting technologies and ways in which to reduce energy usage in buildings. While many of these additions were incremental and often subtle, together they comprised a continuing commitment to building wisely and sustainably.

A common thread that wove itself through the first five editions and continues in this sixth edition is the attitude that buildings and sites should be planned and developed in an environmentally sensitive manner, responding to context and climate to reduce their reliance on active environmental control systems and the energy they consume. This edition therefore continues to reference the latest LEED criteria and the 2016 version of the CSI MasterFormat system; expands the discussion of sustainable design and construction; updates references to the 2018 edition of the International Building Code; illustrates important safety glazing requirements; and introduces a new category of mass timber products.

It would be nearly impossible to cover all building materials and construction techniques, but the information presented herein should be applicable to most residential and commercial construction situations encountered today. Construction techniques continue to adjust to the development of new building materials, products, and standards. What does not change are the fundamental principles that underlie building elements and the ways in which systems are assembled in construction. This illustrated guide focuses on these principles, which can serve as guideposts when evaluating and applying new information encountered in the planning, design, and construction of a building.

Each building element, component, or system is described in terms of its end use. The specific form, quality, capability, and availability of an element or component will vary with manufacturer and locale. It is therefore important to always follow the manufacturer’s recommendation in the use of a material or product and to pay careful attention to the building code requirements in effect for the use and location of a planned building. It is the user’s responsibility to ascertain the appropriateness of the information contained in this handbook and to judge its fitness for any particular purpose. Seek the expert advice of a professional when needed.

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