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Universe, 9th Edition


Author: Roger Freedman

Publisher: W. H. Freeman


Publish Date: January 6, 2010

ISBN-10: 142923153X

Pages: 800

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

Astronomy is one of the most dynamic and exciting areas of modern science. Its recent discoveries often capture widespread interest, and its subjects—the planets, stars, and the universe—inspire awe and inquiry. From observations of previously unseen worlds in the outer depths of our solar system, to new evidence of how the most massive stars can collapse into black holes, astronomy provides a wide array of opportunities to show students the continuing process of science.

With so many potential concepts to explore, students can easily get overwhelmed. Universe has been developed to help students focus on and learn core concepts. Through clear, highlighted explanations of key topics, and multiple interactions with the material, the text fosters a deep, appreciative comprehension of the subject.

COSMIC CONNECTIONS figures summarize key ideas visually

Many students learn more through visual presentations than from reading long passages of text. To help these students, large figures, called Cosmic Connections, appear in most chapters in Universe. Cosmic Connections give an overview or summation of a particular important topic in a chapter. Subjects range from the variety of modern telescopes to the formation of the solar system; from the scale of distances in the universe to the life cycles of stars; and from the influence of gravitational tidal forces to the evolution of the universe after the Big Bang. Cosmic Connections also convey some of the excitement and adventure that lead students to study astronomy in the first place.

Enhanced, animated versions of the Cosmic Connections are available within the textbook’s associated multimedia resources.

INTERACTIVE TUTORIALS guide students through core concepts at their own pace

Developed by prominent astronomy education researchers, the Interactive Tutorials present astronomy topics in a flexible multimedia environment. They take advantage of the best means to illustrate each topic, using a blend of text, review questions, animations, video, and quizzing to produce a thorough understanding that students can carry with them. The sixty tutorial topics were chosen after careful analysis of the most commonly taught subjects, with particular emphasis on which topics were most often misunderstood by students.

Each tutorial first outlines the learning goals and the introductory material related to the concept at hand. Students are then guided through a progression of deeper interaction with the material. They are encouraged to make decisions based on their interpretations of art and animations, and are coached through the topic by way of review questions with answer-specific feedback to correct their mistakes. The tutorials have been shown to increase student understanding and produce a meaningful, memorable learning experience.

To provide flexibility for instructors and students, the tutorials are a premium resource available through a number of online environments, including the eBook, AstroPortal, WebAssign Premium, and the Companion Web site, all described below.

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