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Understanding Digital Cameras: Getting the Best Image

Author: Jon Tarrant

Publisher: Focal Press


Publish Date: February 16, 2007

ISBN-10: 240520246

Pages: 360

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

A lot has changed since I first entered the photographic industry as a professional photographer and technical journalist. Some of the companies, both digital and traditional, that I used to know well are no longer in existence: there are also other companies that previously confined themselves to household electronics but now have a strong presence in the digital camera market. This is the way of the world. So too is human mortality, but that does not make it any easier when news arrives unexpectedly. In the time between the publication of my previous book for Focal Press in 2003 and this one there have been four significant losses from my address book.

Barry Waterhouse was a keen digital amateur and a storehouse of knowledge about Lancia Fulvia cars. His website featured the products of his efforts and as such exemplified how digital images could communicate in a way that was simply not possible with the printed medium.

Pam Lee was a professional social photographer who shot weddings (including my own) and society events: she came to photography late in life and always wanted to learn more about it.

Bob Carlos Clarke was a giant of the photographic world whose efforts to promote the medium were tireless and whose talk was forthright. He was always keen to try new digital cameras but I suspect that he never fell out of love with the darkroom.

Douglas Arnold was one of my much-valued contributors while I was editor of the British Journal of Photography and touched me with his enthusiasm for astronomy. His influence has crossed with me from photography into teaching.

These are some of the people whom I will never forget. But life moves on and for that reason this book is not dedicated to the memory of the past but to a vision of the future. At their request, this book is dedicated to my Year 11 Physics class and to a new generation of photographers for whom the digital medium will be the norm.

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