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Understanding Automotive Electronics, Seventh Edition


Author: William Ribbens

Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann


Publish Date: December 31, 2012

ISBN-10: 80970974

Pages: 616

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

The present edition of this book is an extensive revision of the previous editions based upon suggestions of reviewers. The present edition has a strong engineering focus including analytical models and quantitative performance analysis of electronic components/ subsystems and systems found in contemporary automobiles. However, the largely qualitative explanations of automotive electronic systems from previous editions has been retained and, in some cases, expanded wherever it has been possible to do so.

It has been the intention in writing this book to make it accessible to readers who have not had the formal training in physical sciences and mathematics (as well as those who have) to understand the functional operation of automotive electronic systems. The author recommends that such individuals lacking the science background skip over the mathematical portions of the text and concentrate on the qualitative discussion and verbal explanations preceding and following the mathematical sections of the book.

It is hoped that the mathematical models and performance analyses presented throughout this book will be informative to readers with backgrounds in the sciences, engineering and/or mathematics. There may even be engineers/scientists working within the automotive industry for whom a detailed discussion of electronic subsystems and components will be useful.

The first chapter in previous editions presented an overview of basic functional components of an automobile. This chapter has been removed, although a shortened version of the explanation of certain automotive components and subsystems (e.g., engine, drivetrain, braking, steering etc.) is presented as deemed necessary in the new chapters of this edition.

There are some topics in the present edition of this book that were not covered in detail in any of the previous editions. These include the theory of electric motors, which find application in hybrid/electric vehicles. Telematics, which is an increasingly important automotive technology, is covered in considerable detail (including the theory of GPS navigation systems). In addition, the theory of onboard diagnosis of problems with exhaust emission control systems is presented for the first time in any of the editions of this book.

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