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Total Quality Management for Project Management


Author: Kim H. Pries

Publisher: Auerbach Publications


Publish Date: August 29, 2012

ISBN-10: 1439885052

Pages: 295

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

Product development is becoming increasingly complex. Technology is advancing. Projects are often populated by a diversity of people in a plurality of locations Effectively managing these complex projects requires attention to details. When we understand the range of possibilities for our project’s execution we minimize the risk associated with that project. We can make plans that meet our typical performance. Thus we minimize the schedule risks associated with a project that has dates based upon hope and want with little or no basis in reality. When we drive our people to a schedule that they are aware is a death march, we set them up for failure.

Consider the company management the coach of the team. Certainly like any coach, we will want to push our people to perform better every day. However, a coach does not push the team to boundaries that the coach knows are not possible. For example, you will not hear a football coach ask his wide receiver to fly in the air for 50 yards. That is not a possible task. He may, however, see how fast that athlete is, and believe he can get him to run a fifty-yard dash in fewer seconds. Imagine what we do to the employee morale when we ask them to do what they know is not possible Additionally, like a coach, we cannot show our team where we can improve if we do not know how that team presently performs. Further, our game strategy hinges upon what we have for a team. Is our team fast? Is it slow and strong? We have to either plan our strategy for our organization’s goals, or we have to adapt our present team and playbook to the team we need to achieve our goals. To do so, we must know what we have for a playbook and team. To know what we have for a playbook and team requires measurements and analysis.

This book is about applying those Total Quality Management tools to both the line functions in your project as well as the project management discipline. You must study your organization to know what really can be achieved. A fist pound on a conference table with an arbitrarily set date that has no basis in reality may not motivate many people. While the world is plenty uncertain, we can learn something from the activities our organization performs. We may find out many of the things we assumed valid are not really true. We may find areas of the organization where a little effort will produce great performance improvements. We will have to study these things to find that out and TQM tools are key instruments in achieving that understanding

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