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Today’s Technician: Automotive Electricity and Electronics, Classroom and Shop Manual Pack, Spiral bound Version 7th Edition

Today’s Technician: Automotive Electricity and Electronics, Classroom and Shop Manual Pack, Spiral bound Version 7th Edition PDF

Author: Barry Hollembeak

Publisher: Cengage Learning


Publish Date: January 1, 2018

ISBN-10: 1337618993

Pages: 848

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

Thanks to the support the Today’s Technician™ series has received from those who teach automotive technology, Cengage, the leader in automotive-related textbooks and learning solutions, is able to live up to its promise to provide new editions of the series every few years. We have listened and responded to our critics and fans and have presented this new updated and revised seventh edition. By revising this series on a regular basis, we can respond to changes in the industry, in technology, in the certification process, and the ever-changing needs of those who teach automotive technology.

We have also listened to instructors when they said that something was missing or incomplete in the previous edition. We have responded to those and have included the results in this seventh edition.
The Today’s Technician™ series features textbooks and digital learning solutions that cover all mechanical and electrical systems of automobiles and light trucks. The individual titles correspond to the ASE (National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence) cer-tification areas and are specifically correlated to the 2017 standards for Automotive Service Technicians, Master Service Technicians, as well as to the standards for Maintenance and Light Repair.

Additional titles include remedial skills and theories common to all of the certification areas and advanced or specific subject areas that reflect the latest technological trends. Today’s Technician: Automotive Electricity & Electronics, 7e is designed to give students a chance to develop the same skills and gain the same knowledge that today’s successful technician has. This edition also reflects the most recent changes in the guidelines estab-lished by the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF).

The purpose of NATEF is to evaluate technician training programs against standards developed by the automotive industry and recommend qualifying programs for certifica-tion (accreditation) by ASE. Programs can earn ASE certification upon the recommenda-tion of NATEF. NATEF’s national standards reflect the skills that students must master. ASE certification through NATEF evaluation ensures that certified training programs meet or exceed industry-recognized, uniform standards of excellence.
The technician of today and the future must know the underlying theory of all auto-motive systems, and be able to service and maintain those systems. Dividing the material into two volumes, a Classroom Manual and a Shop Manual, provides the reader with the information needed to begin a successful career as an automotive technician without interrupting the learning process by mixing cognitive and performance learning objectives into one volume.

The design of Cengage’s Today’s Technician™ series was based on features that are known to promote improved student learning. The design was further enhanced by a careful study of survey results, in which respondents were asked to value particular fea-tures. Some of these features can be found in other textbooks, while others are unique to this series.

Each Classroom Manual contains the principles of operation for each system and subsystem. The Classroom Manual also contains discussions on design variations of key components used by different vehicle manufacturers. It also looks into emerging technolo-gies that will be standard or optional features in the near future. This volume is organized to build upon basic facts and theories. The primary objective of this volume is to allow the reader to gain an understanding of how each system and subsystem operates. This understanding is necessary to diagnose the complex automobiles of today and tomorrow.

Although the basics contained in the Classroom Manual provide the knowledge needed for diagnostics, diagnostic procedures appear only in the Shop Manual. An understanding of the underlying theories is also a requirement for competence in the skill areas covered in the Shop Manual.
A spiral-bound Shop Manual delivers hands-on learning experiences with step-by-step instructions for diagnostic and repair procedures. Photo Sequences are used to illus-trate some of the common service procedures. Other common procedures are listed and are accompanied with fine line drawings and color photos that allow the reader to visualize and conceptualize the finest details of the procedure. This volume also contains the rea-sons for performing the procedures, as well as when that particular service is appropriate.

The two volumes are designed to be used together and are arranged in corresponding chapters. Not only are the chapters in the volumes linked together, but the contents of the chapters are also linked. The linked content is indicated by marginal callouts that refer the reader to the chapter and page where the same topic is addressed in the companion vol-ume. This valuable feature saves users the time and trouble of searching the index or table of contents to locate supporting information in the other volume. Instructors will find this feature especially helpful when planning the presentation of material and when making reading assignments.

Both volumes contain clear and thoughtfully selected illustrations, many of which are original drawings or photos specially prepared for inclusion in this series. This means that art is a vital part of each textbook and not merely inserted to increase the number of illustrations.

—Jack Erjavec

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