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Theory, Practice, And Trends In Human Services, 5th edition


Author: Edward S. Neukrug

Publisher: Brooks Cole


Publish Date: February 17, 2012

ISBN-10: 840028563

Pages: 416

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

When a book goes into its fifth edition, you would think that all that could be said about a profession has already been said. Not true in human services. As a relatively young profession, human services is changing quickly and redefining itself constantly. Thus, there has been much new material added to this text. From the recently developed credential called “Board Certified—Human Service Professional” to the spreading popularity and accreditation of human services programs, this is a field on the go. With as many changes being made in a profession, they must be reflected in any text that surveys this field. Thus, the purpose of this text is to offer the most up-to-date overview of the field of human services as possible. To do this, many changes have been made in this text, a large portion of which will be delineated in this preface. This preface will begin by providing an overview of the text, and will then suggest pedagogical aids that can be found throughout this text and online. Next, it will highlight some of the major changes to this text. It will conclude with ancillaries to this text and acknowledgments.


If you are familiar with former editions of this text, many of the chapter titles will seem familiar to you. However, there have been substantial changes in this text. For instance, we have removed the chapter called The Human Service Professional and the World of Work (formerly, Chapter 9). Some of the major points of this chapter have been moved to the Afterword where students can explore if this is the field they want to be in and find tips for applying to graduate school and to jobs in human services. Removing Chapter 9 allowed us to restructure Chapter 7, formerly called Human Service Professionals in a Pluralistic Society. In past editions, this critical chapter explored theory and trends related to social and cultural issues in human services. Realizing the growing importance that this content area is to human service work, it was decided to expand this chapter into two distinct chapters, one that looks at advocacy, social justice, and multicultural issues from a theoretical perspective (Chapter 7) and a second chapter which specifically offers ideas for working with a wide range of diverse clients (Chapter 8). I believe this fills a gap from past editions by offering a more distinct focus on the work of the human service professional. The rest of the chapters have retained their primary focus although some of the titles have been changed and there is considerable content that was updated. The 10 chapters and the Afterword now are as follows:

Chapter 1…..Defining the Human Service Professional
Chapter 2…..The Human Service Profession: History and Standards
Chapter 3…..Theoretical Approaches to Human Service Work
Chapter 4…..The Helping Interview: Skills, Process, and Case Management
Chapter 5…..Development of the Person
Chapter 6…..Human Systems: Couples and Families, Groups, Organizationaland Community, Administrative and Counseling Supervision
Chapter 7…..Diversity, Cultural Competence, and Social Justice
Chapter 8…..Working with Diverse Clients
Chapter 9…..Research, Evaluation, and Assessment
Chapter 10…A Look to the Future: Trends in the Functions and Roles of theHuman Service Professional Afterword…..Your Future in the Human Services

As in keeping with past editions, near the end of each chapter is a section called Ethical, Professional, and Legal Issues and this is followed by a section called “The Effective Human Service Professional” (formerly called, “The Developmentally Mature Human Service Professional”). Each of these sections refers back, in some manner, to the chapter content. At the very end of each chapter is a section called “Experiential Exercises” which offers a wide range of activities to do in and out of class that coincides with the chapter content. At the end of this section, is a separate section called “Ethical and Professional Vignettes” which offers ethical dilemmas and professional situations for students to ponder.

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