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The ZERO Percent: Secrets of the United States, the Power of Trust

The ZERO Percent: Secrets of the United States, the Power of Trust PDF

Author: Du'vaul Dey

Publisher: Imago Dei Publishing


Publish Date: April 23, 2021

ISBN-10: 1087964369

Pages: 372

File Type: Epub, PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

Most people are not entirely sure what they want to do or how to go about accomplishing it. So, they resort to getting an education, as if that’s the cure-all to one’s wealth aspiration. Graduating high school or college can be a huge accomplishment for most citizens, permanent residents, and foreign nationals in the United States, especially if it means being the first to graduate in the family! Being led to believe that the world’s treasures are within arm’s reach and so many options for success are now available; however, selecting the right path can be a course in itself.
After all, time is short, and time is money! Just as all people have an innate existential drive to understand who they are and why they are here, they also desire to create generational wealth. Some will be fortunate enough to locate a reputable firm, put in their time, and reach retirement or even learn a trade to one day run a successful business, but for some, not so much. Others have been in the work field with or without secondary education, creating one financial plan after another, renewing paying off student loans and credit card debt repeatedly. For some reason, the debt doesn’t go away fast enough to see a difference in life. Life feels stagnant! If only wages covered enough monthly expenses to save enough money to eventually fire the boss and start the right business to earn money needed to pay off debts and finally experience freedom.
So how does one start a business? There are two types of classes in the world; the one-percenters or the ninety-nine percenters. Indeed, it is no secret that the best Fortune 500 companies have high-end attorneys who manage the step-by-step setup process for their client’s businesses and at a hefty service charge that most people may not immediately be fortunate enough to afford at first. However, vigilance and a never-ending studious mindset position the individuals into the one percenters’ realm. Many have the investor mentality and have thought long and hard about joining the 90% of the world’s millionaires, who earned their wealth through real estate investing. Overall, people are just tired of the 9 to 5, Monday through Friday, or what has become a more desirable work schedule, the four-tens.
Certainly, time is something that cannot be refunded, and every second deserves to be spent efficiently and by choice. Again time is short, and time is money! Everyone has either thought about going to the banks for cash to consolidate or invest. How the cash is managed with the attached interest is very important. Either borrowers pay the debt and have fun, or borrow to spend for a profit, which in turn pays the debt and a good life. This is what intelligent investors would call “good debt.” Everyone who has prepared to enter into a repayment agreement has planned financial strategies before the loan application is approved. Although FICO scores may not be at their best, with high hopes, it should be good enough for the bank to provide funding, right?
Going into the bank can be nerve-racking, whether it’s in person with a local banker or via an online application. So many people have experienced bankers explain credit denials with comments such as,
“It looks like Transunion and Equifax scores are exceptional; however, the Experian score does not meet our requirements. If a co-signer is available, we may be able to move forward!”
Sounds familiar, right? The uneasy feeling of credit rejection from the bank is a terrible experience. Having to involve a family member or a trustworthy friend to provide their creditworthiness is even worse. If traditional funding fails, then what else is there for a real estate investment deal? Indeed, all beginner real estate investors have scoured online to find many methods of “No Money No Credit” investment strategies from an endless list of real estate gurus. After all, the great Robert Kiyosaki had explained in his writings that real teachers are defined as teachers who practice what they teach. Unlike general public school teachers, their multi-layered degrees qualify them to teach the theory of the subject. In all actuality, generating profits from practical experience is lacking from the public school system teachers and professors. The truth is, no teacher or professor in the secondary or post-secondary education sector will tell their students that they can take today’s lesson in class and go out into the world and make a successful profit.
Several real estate gurus charge an arm and a leg for their seminars, and worst of all, the reviews from their students alert many people to be aware of a scam or brilliant Ponzi Scheme. The only profit the students have made is a whopping zero. Simultaneously, the appetite for freedom and wealth still grows, while seeing and hearing more millionaires displaying their lavish life or introducing a “buy my money-making course” ad on YouTube, Tic-Tok, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Their success is attractive, but the frustration from the due diligence process can be daunting! In America, the public schools have taught Americans, go to school, get a job, save money in a 401k, live within their means, finance a house, and pay taxes. And what exactly does that model produce? Anyone who has followed that model or knows someone who has certainly knows it most assuredly leads to more debt, on account of the financial banking system that has been in place in the United States ever since the enactment of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913. That system is known as a central banking operation that functions from a fractional reserve system, which does nothing for the economy but increases the national debt and inflates the U.S. dollar, raising the cost of everyday goods and services.
What happens when a college degree allows a salary cap that finally reaches a threshold and cannot sustain everyday expenses due to inflation? The answer is more debt and more time needed to continue education seeking another degree to earn an additional annual $20k to $35k. Suppose an employee continues school and completes the extra training and successfully obtains that salary increase and reaches retirement, living off a fixed income. The cost of everyday goods and services continues to rise, surpassing that fixed income. What happens when the retiree’s property tax becomes too expensive because of the surrounding neighborhood’s increase in property value due to gentrification? What other options are there at the age of retirement? As scary as it sounds, the reality is that the elderly community is working past the age of 65 at local retail stores and offices. It would easily make sense to increase current wage earnings and reduce the current tax bracket to as low as Zero Percent to encourage significant savings for other entrepreneurial endeavors. What if Federal, State, Social Security, and Medicare taxes were not withheld from employee earnings and did not have to be paid during tax season? What if that were the case for self-employment 1099 information filings as well? How much of that could be saved in the right asset-building account for the future?
There are precisely seven tax brackets for most ordinary incomes in the United States; 10 percent tax, 12 percent tax, 22 percent tax, 24 percent tax, 32 percent tax, 35 percent tax, and 37 percent tax, and believe it or not, tax is voluntary. Many people here in the United States live beyond the American Dream, whether they are United States citizens, United States nationals, or Nationals.
Many of them understand life is not a journey but instead a process. The life of a journey goes up and down, not knowing when or where the goal is nigh. A process is tested time and time again with successful results, no matter the environment, and has a foreseeable end before it begins. The wealthy understand the necessary process of obtaining generational wealth from a simple truth, which is understanding how the United States truthfully came into existence, how it operates commercially, and how it applies to its inhabitants.
The United States Constitution speaks of three different classes of people. The people, the subjects, and the citizens! What type are the majority today, and is one better than the other? It is a fact that there are approximately 11 million millionaires since 2017 and 788 billionaires in the United States since 2019, and most of them do not pay any taxes despite the famous saying, “The more you make, the more they take.” Believe it or not, it has nothing to do with illegal tax evasion or hiding money in shell companies in tax haven countries. What exactly do the millionaires and billionaires know, and why does it seem like the educated alumni are the first to complete an unemployment application during a government financial crisis? How are the wealthy fairly procuring extreme amounts of money? Don’t the tax bracket rules eat up most of their profits? How do they maintain good credit for 100% loan approvals several times a year? Does it take years to save substantial amounts of money to start a tax-exempt business? The answers to these meaningful questions have always been at the forefront, but knowing where to look and applying the information is another thing. Each chapter in The Zero Percent will provide the hidden answers many financial titans keep within their fold.
To resolve most Americans’ financial issues, one must evaluate the various strategies of real estate investing and banking, credit secrets based on the Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO), entering a new commercial status, all while comprehending the truth about the United States and its affiliates. All resources are provided for anyone to easily obtain certified copies of the undeniable evidence before the reconstruction of the united States of America (republic government). It’s imperative to explain the step-by-step process to start any business the right way and obtaining federal and state recognition in their system to never be required to file not one tax return statement from day one! Instead, if it is the company owner’s choice, a well-executed filing would provide a refund in the exact amount earned in the fiscal tax year. This is just one of the many trade-secrets kept by the one-percenters that operate under treaty law with the United States derived from God’s ordinances. The Internal Revenue Service and the United States Treasury Department are in sync with Biblical Treaty Law. The commencement of business in the united States of America or anywhere in the world requires an understanding of biblical trade secrets regarding trust, which affects commerce; practiced by the wealthiest nations on earth, such as the Jews, Mennonites, Chinese, Saudi Arabians, Armenians, etc. Although the steps and procedures are subject to change over time, learning the commerce rules will lead to many untold truths about one’s nationality and its importance to encourage all aspects of stronger and wiser families. Be prepared for the in depth legal jargon and it is recommended to repeatedly read the information until fully comprehended.
Chapter One: The United States Corporation
Chapter Two: The 14th Amendment Citizen
Chapter Three: Existence Of Life
Chapter Four: Persons Not Required To File
Chapter Five: Eradicating Public Debt
Chapter Six: Credit Secrets, Investing & Banking
Chapter Seven: Nationality
Chapter Eight: The Temple & Trust

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