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The Two Vampires:The Complete Series by M.D. Bowden (Books 1-5)


Author: M.D. Bowden

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services

Genres: ,

Publish Date: 2012

ISBN-10: B00K00YE0W

Pages: 733

File Type: Epub, Mobi

Language: English

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Book Preface

Jo stepped out of his house.  He found himself momentarily dazzled by a bright violet sky as the sun appeared from behind fuzzy clouds.  Glimpsing a flash of dark, he turned towards it, his heart racing.  He was met by a searing pain as fangs sank into his exposed neck. 

Jo passed out. 

When he awoke he found himself lying on his living room floor, on the pink spotted rug Sarah had bought for his girls.  The curtains were drawn; a little light peeked through casting shadows across the room.  Jo’s head spun as he pulled himself up onto the black leather sofa and reached for the reading light.  He wasn’t scared, he was confused – what the hell just happened?  As he clicked the light switch the room illuminated.  Nothing looked odd; it was the same room he and his family had lived in for five years.  Toys over flowed from the toy box, books and DVDs were crammed onto bookshelves. 

Looking towards the clock he saw it was seven, time to go to his sisters.  She had called earlier and invited him over for dinner, and Jo had agreed this time, as he wasn’t meeting anyone more appealing after work, and his wife and kids were out visiting the parents in law. 

Jo reached for his neck, feeling the skin, searching for damage.  It felt fine.  Tentatively standing up, he walked across the room to the large ornate mirror above the fireplace.  His neck looked completely normal.  No bite marks – just the first traces of stubble around his jaw.  Jo inspected his appearance more closely.  He did look a little haggard.  His short, dark hair was messy, probably from lying on the floor in a heap.  His eyes, normally deep brown and clear, looked bloodshot and were shadowed.  He took a deep breath and put his fingers on the mantel piece as he looked into tired eyes and studied his memories. 

He remembered bright light dazzling him.  The sun must have been about to set behind the scruffy conifers lining the horizon.  He remembered seeing movement.  Something undefined had approached him, it had been incredible, so fast.  He hadn’t even seen what it was, but he had felt two sharp points pierce his neck.  And, at the time, he had known they were fangs.  Vampire fangs.  But, seriously, vampire fangs?  What on earth had happened to cause him to have such a stupid delusion? 

But, he thought, allowing himself to be swept up in his stupidity, if he’d stepped out of the front door and been bitten by a vampire, what had he been doing lying on the living room floor?  Why was he OK, or pretty much OK?  Why were there no bite marks?  More to the point, why was he not dead? 

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