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The Pocket Atlas of Human Anatomy, Revised Edition

The Pocket Atlas of Human Anatomy, Revised Edition PDF

Author: Chris Jarmey

Publisher: North Atlantic Books


Publish Date: March 1, 2022

ISBN-10: 1623177340

Pages: 272

File Type: Epub

Language: English

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Book Preface

Between 1988, when Chris married my sister and 2008, the year of his untimely death, I had the good fortune to benefit from Chris’ depth of knowledge on matters pertaining to the health of the human body. As a physiotherapist and shiatsu practitioner, his understanding of anatomy and physiology was extensive. In addition, Chris’ skills as a teacher of shiatsu, yoga and meditation were widely respected, in particular his ability to explain complex concepts in simple, practical terms.

As a practicing GP I was delighted when Chris began to write books that encompassed the wide scope of his expertise. The Concise Book of the Moving Body, along with its companion The Concise Book of Muscles, sits on the shelf in my GP surgery. It is especially helpful as an aide-mémoire when I need a quick revision of anatomy. The clear, concise language and accompanying illustrations are easy to access and take the reader straight to the point. On occasion, I have found it useful in explaining symptoms to my patients, who are grateful for explanations that help demystify their ill health.

I’m delighted that The Concise Book of the Moving Body has now been repackaged and rebadged as The Pocket Atlas of Human Anatomy, and I am confident that it will serve as an excellent text for all students of anatomy and bodywork, whether in the field of medicine, sport or rehabilitation. I have no hesitation in recommending Chris’ textbook and will continue to appreciate the valuable contribution he has made. My hope is that this book will enhance your understanding of the human body and will become a trusted companion on your journey of discovery.

Dr. David Simpson, 2022



A Note About Peripheral Nerve Supply

1Anatomical Terms






Connective Tissue

Muscle Tissue


Bone Development and Growth


Functions of Bones

Types of Bone—According to Density

Types of Bone—According to Shape

Components of a Long Bone

Bone Markings

4The Axial Skeleton

The Skull, Comprising the Cranium and the Facial Bones

The Vertebral Column (Spine)

The Bony Thorax

5The Appendicular Skeleton

The Pectoral Girdle

The Upper Limb

The Pelvic Girdle (Os Innominatum)

The Lower Limb

General Skeletal Interrelationships

Bony Landmarks Seen or Felt Near the Body Surface


Part One—Classification of Joints

Part Two—Features of Specific Joints

Joints of the Head and Vertebral Column

Joints of the Ribs and Sternum

Joints of the Shoulder Girdle and Upper Limb

Joints of the Pelvic Girdle and Lower Limb

7The Musculoskeletal System

Structure and Function of Skeletal Muscle

Musculoskeletal Mechanics


8Fascia and the Anatomy Trains Myofascial Meridians

Practical Holism

The Single Muscle Theory

Whole Body Communicating Networks

The Connective Tissue System


The Anatomy Trains


Appendix 1: Dermatomes and Sensory Nerve Supply

Appendix 2: Muscles Involved in Movement

Appendix 3: Organisation of the Human Body

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