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The Nuclear Effect: The 6 Pillars of Building a 7+ Figure Online Business

The Nuclear Effect: The 6 Pillars of Building a 7+ Figure Online Business PDF

Author: Scott Oldford

Publisher: Lioncrest Publishing


Publish Date: July 24, 2020

ISBN-10: 1544507046

Pages: 278

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

ou are probably reading this book for the same reasons why I wrote it. And that is because of a powerful, innate desire to turn your vision into reality, to experience greater freedom in life, and because you really want to figure out how the heck to make this whole online business thing more successful. (With “success” here meaning your definition(s) and measure(s) of the word.)
In my twenty -plus years as an entrepreneur, The Nuclear Effect is the most powerful amplifier of success, freedom, abundance, and impact I have ever seen. It has reliably grown so many businesses that have learned and implemented it that I’ve lost count, and because of that, I deeply believe sharing it with more entrepreneurs through writing this book will satisfy that innate desire for me (and will help you satisfy yours if you make a serious commitment to making the concepts taught here work for your business).
And while businesses have been growing by activating The Nuclear Effect for a long time, it wasn’t until 2017 that I truly began to understand and articulate exactly what was happening. As my understanding of this business phenomenon grew, I became better at guiding other entrepreneurs to be able to unleash The Nuclear Effect in their businesses as well.
The Nuclear Effect got its name because its impact on a business is similar to that of one of the most powerful forces known to mankind: the nuclear chain reaction. A nuclear chain reaction is when the initial nuclear reaction produces particles called neutrons. When these particles then harness some of the initial reaction’s energy to set off their own subsequent nuclear reactions, the possibility for a (potentially endless) series of self -sustaining reactions is created. This nuclear chain reaction ultimately is responsible for exponentially increasing the amount of energy created and released from the initial effort. In fact, a nuclear chain reaction releases several million times more energy than any chemical reaction in history.
When The Nuclear Effect is harnessed by a business, six pillars arise to support it

Your Marketing creates a consistent, predictable flow of qualified leads for your business (without you personally needing to hustle to generate them). Leveraged, and often automated, generation of quality leads is the first element needed to unleash The Nuclear Effect.
Your Sales become much easier to successfully close. The Nuclear Effect helps cement premium positioning in the market and bestows significant authority to your brand in the eyes of your potential clients. Your Product offerings become integrated and aligned in a way that allows for you to continue serving clients for longer periods of time and at higher levels of value.
Your Operations become smoother, more efficient, and your business becomes more able to successfully run itself.
Your Finances become more predictable and allow you to make sound planning and investment decisions (instead of always having to make financial decisions based on the realities of your short -term cash flow).
Your Mindset becomes your greatest asset. Your ability to maintain composure and to make effective decisions during stressful times and high -pressure situations (and there will be plenty of both) is the thing that separates people who can only earn temporary success versus those who can truly sustain their success throughout their entrepreneurial career.

The bulk of this book will dive into each of these Six Pillars of business individually to show how to optimize each of them within your company. By the end, you will have the total blueprint for upgrading the operating system your business runs on, allowing you more profit and a more effective business.

When I first discovered that every part of a business can be defined by the Six Pillars, it blew my mind. Since then, I’ve shared this concept with hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs, and time and time again, when it’s used inside of a business, it has a powerful effect.
As you go through each Pillar, it will become clear how intimately all six are reliant upon one another and how only when all of them are truly working together and serving to strengthen the whole does The Nuclear Effect fully get activated.
This book is my mind’s download after helping build dozens upon dozens of multiple seven -figure businesses that are oriented around creating profit, value, and impact in the market while allowing an entrepreneur to not lose their mind or sanity and giving them the ability to do what they love the most: create.
Truly, I wish someone had given me this earlier in my entrepreneurial career, and although there is a certain grizzled pride in having earned a lot of this the hard way, now more than ever, I believe in the value of collapsing time and leveraging the experience of others to accelerate your growth.
And while this book can help, there is no Easy button in business. Your business has to successfully create, market, sell, and then deliver real value in greater frequency, magnitude, and scale if you want to grow.
I’ve spent over twenty years—since I was seven years old, selling eggs from my parents’ acreage—with many failures and successes, figuring out what is inside of this book.
Activating The Nuclear Effect will equip you with the ability to thrive in all phases of your business, but it is going to take focus, grit, and a commitment to play the long game. My intention in writing this book is to share everything I know about what The Nuclear Effect is, how to activate it to power your business’s growth, and how to sustain that success over time.

My hope is to make a meaningful contribution to the happiness and success you experience on your entrepreneurial journey. It can be trying, difficult, and oftentimes lonely to pursue this path, but we keep pursuing it. It’s in our blood. We are here to do something significant. It just happens that having a profitable business is our best path to making good on the potential we have within us.
I believe my mission and purpose for being on this planet is to help evolve who we are: Homo sapiens . Today, that means solving the problems of the entrepreneur so that entrepreneurs can solve the problems of the world. I’ve found that the more entrepreneurs are able to live in abundance, the more entrepreneurs who are successful, and the more who can live to find their truest why and go after it, the better our world can be. As a collective on this planet, we need us, and it requires that people like you stop playing small.
I’m excited to contribute to you succeeding in an entirely new life. And I am excited to have that potential you have inside you to go nuclear and do something truly great, important, and valuable for yourself, others, and the world as a whole.

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