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The Money Code: Improve Your Entire Financial Life Right Now


Author: Joe John Duran

Publisher: Greenleaf Book Group Press


Publish Date: January 22, 2013

ISBN-10: 9.78161E+12

Pages: 168

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

An Objective Perspective Will Give You Clarity
Ideally, making decisions about money would be a solely intellectual exercise.

But I have come to know—as both an individual and a financial professional—that decisions about money are almost always emotional ones, too. And our personal histories and perspectives will affect not just how we make decisions but also their quality. In order to experience financial success, we must distinguish our emotional motivation from our logical, or “brain,” motivation. Also, having an open and sincere approach to discussing money issues is crucial to maintaining a unified partnership with others.

To solve this challenge that we all face, I assembled a team of brilliant, forward-thinking professionals. Together we developed a simple, yet profoundly precise, way to bridge the gap between what individuals say they want and what they’re actually doing. The latter is often what prevents people from living their one best financial life. This book will show you our breakthrough approach, which is shaking up the world of financial thinking. When it comes to your finances, accepting your reality and feelings—warts and all—is the first step toward creating real change. And be assured that if you’ve ever found yourself confused, fearful, frozen in indecision, in conflict with those you love, or feeling any combination of the preceding, you’re in good company.

I can’t guarantee that our approach will result in your financial success. But I can say with complete confidence that the methods presented in this book have dramatically improved the financial lives of a wide range of people across the U.S., and I have no doubt that you’ll find this to be an exciting and personally enlightening voyage. In the end, my greatest hope is that you’ll realize genuine financial freedom and peace of mind beyond what you may have thought possible. So let’s get started!

CHAPTER 1 The Problem with Money 7
Chapter 2 The Journey of a Lifetime 13
Chapter 3 The Background Check 21
Chapter 4 Jack Enters the Alchemist’s Website 31
Chapter 5 Jack’s Second Lesson 41
Chapter 6 Jack’s Third Lesson 51
Chapter 7 Jack’s Fourth Lesson 61
Chapter 8 Jack’s Fifth Lesson 83
Chapter 9 Jack’s Sixth Lesson 93
Chapter 10 Jack Meets the Alchemist 103
Chapter 11 Afterword 123
Index 143

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