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The Genesi Code by Tristen Willis

The Genesi Code by Tristen Willis PDF

Author: Tristen Willis

Publisher: Tristen Willis


Publish Date: August 31, 2017

ISBN-10: 1925635465

Pages: Pages

File Type: Epub

Language: English

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Book Preface

THE STREETS ARE quiet and deserted as I make my way across the city under the cover of darkness.

I listen for footsteps and other stirring noises; so far, I have not sensed any pursuers, but that does little to settle the unease I feel. I know that it’s only a matter of time before they figure out what I have discovered. I am not safe anymore, nor is my family. Soon, they will come for me.

The streets are still quiet as I make my way to my parked car, keeping as close to the shadows as possible. The car unlocks as I approach and I cast one last glance around the street before I climb into the driver’s seat, locking the doors behind me. The engine ignites with a soft purr and I ease the car out of the park. Soon, I am driving through the dark and deserted streets of the city relieved there are no cars following me.

When I reach the long driveway leading to my home, I slow the car to a stop, searching for signs of imminent danger. There is nothing lurking in the shadows of trees lining the drive, but that does not mean no one is there.

I ease my foot onto the gas and make my way down the drive. As I approach the manor house, I notice that everything appears normal. The inside of the house is dark—my family still asleep.

The sensor light detects the movement of the car and turns on, drowning me in a flood of bright light. I look up to the porch, checking that no one is waiting for me before climbing out and walking up the steps.

I hesitate at the front door, listening for any sounds of disturbance before unlocking it and stepping inside as quietly as possible. I am greeted with dead silence. I run my right hand along the wall, feeling for the light switch, there, and turn them on.

I turn left and hurry silently down the hall towards my office, turning more lights on as I go. I reach the door at the end of the hallway and hesitate, listening for any sounds that might show someone could be on the other side of the door. I count a full minute in my head before opening it as silently as possible. The light from the hall is enough to tell me the room is empty. I turn the lights on and close the door, lock it behind me and breathe in a sigh of relief.

I take a good look at my office. The walls are lined with oak bookshelves from floor to ceiling and filled with an assortment of medical and scientific textbooks and encyclopaedias, with my desk over at the far wall. Made of a rich mahogany oak, it is covered in more textbooks and paperwork.

I sit down in the high back chair and switch the computer on. I type in my encrypted password and turn on its camera. I face myself in profile on the screen and hesitate. What am I supposed to say to her?

The truth.

I clear my throat and begin speaking into the camera.

‘Luka,’ I address the camera, my voice wavers only slightly as I try to compose myself. ‘As you already know, World War IV occurred in the year 2120. When the Genesi Code was created. It is known as the Genesi War.’ My voice hitches slightly and I hesitate. ‘What I am about to tell you, the truth is that they never wanted us to discover.’ I take a deep breath to steady myself. Steeling my resolve, I address the camera once more.

‘You see, Luka, for the Genesi Code to successfully adhere to the draft subject, they have to die in order for the process to be completed. If the draft subject did not die with the Genesi Coding in their system, it would lie dormant in the human body. I need you to understand that perfectly.’

‘For years, scientists have been working on a way to reverse the biological damages caused by the Genesi coding. They believed that if the Genesi could be cured, or at least, turned back into humans, then the world would become safe again and we would no longer have to live inside our walls. Five years ago, I was hired by the senate to help them in their efforts. After two years with little result, I was pulled aside by Chancellor Cain and asked to work on a classified project.

‘Chancellor Cain wanted me to re-create the Genesi coding, but altering it slightly so that those changed by the Genesi Coding would become susceptible to suggestion, so that they could be controlled. At first, I refused. Why would creating more Genesi help our cause? After my refusal, he threatened you and your mother. I saw no alternative but to do what he asked of me.’

‘Now, Luka, I need you to pay very close attention to what I am about to tell you. What I am about to say is going to change everything…’

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