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Tellurite Glasses Handbook: Physical Properties and Data, Second Edition


Author: Raouf A.H. El-Mallawany

Publisher: CRC Press


Publish Date: December 14, 2011

ISBN-10: 1439849838

Pages: 532

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

The first edition of Tellurite Glasses Handbook presented a textbook on materials science for those at junior- or senior-level in an engineering curriculum and practical fields. The book gave an understanding of the physical properties of these new materials, which are academically known as the “physics of noncrystalline solids.” Also, it covered the topic starting with the published references in the 1950s up to year 2000. The present edition will cover the dominant physical properties of this prototype glass system up to 2011. It will combine the scientific data and the updated practical applications of the strategic solid material, which is tellurite glass, including nanocomposites, and presents the three-dimensional structural models. The second edition of the Tellurite Glasses Handbook includes the new glass-forming systems, thermal, elastic, anelastic, electrical, and optical properties, together with the potential applications. In addition, the book contains the correlations and the new ways to combine the whole physical properties simultaneously to open new points for research. The present edition will gather the data in the main four major physical diretions: thermal, mechanical, electrical, and optical. In fact, the emphasis is on understanding and predicting the physics and technology of twenty-first century processing, fabrication, behavior, and the properties of tellurite glass and glass-ceramic materials. Some of the correlations and constants are described for the first time in book form, and data are often combined in novel ways to suggest new research directions.

This textbook, geared for junior- and senior-level materials science courses within engineering and other appropriate departments, is produced in part to address the perceived gap among specialists, such as physicists, chemists, and material scientists, in their understanding of the properties of tellurite glasses. Four groups of these properties—elastic and anelastic, thermal, electrical, and optical—have received the most attention. After an introductory chapter, the bulk of the book is organized into four parts based on the above property groups. Tellurite glasses themselves are differentiated by their compositions; for example, pure tellurite glass and binary-transitional, rare-earth metal oxide, and multicomponent tellurite glasses, including halides and oxyhalides. Each of the remaining nine chapters covers basic theories regarding a particular physical property, related experimental techniques, and representative data. The coverage of tellurite glasses in this book is unique in providing both a compilation of scientific data and views on practical and strategic applications based on the properties of these glasses.

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