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Technical Communication, 7 edition

Author: Paul V. Anderson

Publisher: Cengage Learning


Publish Date: March 17, 2010

ISBN-10: 1428263934

Pages: 752

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

Welcome to the seventh edition of Technical Communication: A Reader-Centered Approach. Technical communication continues to change in substantial ways, and research has produced new insights into effective communication practices and pedagogy. This edition, building on the many strengths of previous editions, offers updated treatment of core topics, coverage of additional topics, and new pedagogical features that make it even more effective for teaching and learning.

Most importantly, this edition retains the book’s distinctive reader-centered approach. Its premise is that in technical communication, success is measured by reader response. If the communication helps the reader use the information provided quickly and easily and if it infl uences the reader’s attitudes and actions in the way the writer intends, it is effective. As it addresses each aspect of writing, from the largest considerations of content and organization, to the smallest details of sentence
construction and table design, the book teaches students how to elicit the desired responses from their readers. The hallmarks of the reader-centered approach are that it
● Teaches highly transferable strategies. Through its uniquely strong emphasis on teaching a fl exible set of research-based strategies, the reader-centered approach teaches students how to craft all the communications they will prepare in their classes and careers in a thoughtful, resourceful, and creative manner.
● Provides in-depth coverage in an easy-to-learn manner. In most chapters, the major points are distilled into easy-to-remember guidelines whose implications and applications are then elaborated. The guidelines themselves reinforce one another because they all fl ow from a common set of reader-centered principles and processes.
● Benefi ts students in many fi elds. The strategic emphasis and wide applicability of the reader-centered approach means that the book is well suited to students majoring in a broad range of technical, engineering, scientifi c, business, and other specialized fi elds.
● Supports the specifi c course you choose to teach. The reader-centered approach is very fl exible, enabling you to select any array of chapters and projects while still preparing your students with the sophisticated, transferable skills they will need wherever they choose to work after graduation.

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