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Surfactants and Interfacial Phenomena, Fourth Edition


Author: Milton J. Rosen and Joy T. Kunjappu

Publisher: Wiley


Publish Date: March 6, 2012

ISBN-10: 470541946

Pages: 616

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

Ever since surfactant science detached its umbilical cord from the body of colloid science and established its unique identity as an independent entity in the 1950s, great leaps in its theoretical and applied fronts have occurred. The real thrust of surfactant science and technology is centered on applications, although its importance in understanding frontline areas like the origin of life and soft matter (a subfield of condensed matter studies) technology is built upon the self-organizing power of surfactants into structures such as micelles or bilayers.

This book, when originally conceived in the 1970s, forecast the impending revolution that surfactant science was to witness in the future, and was developed to bridge the gap between fundamental knowledge and industrial applications. Later editions of the book incorporated advances in theory with a special link to end uses.

The importance of surfactants continues to emerge, as evidenced by the use of polymeric surfactants during the Gulf oil spill of 2010 to disperse the floating oil film in the ocean, in processing materials such as the silicon chip, and in the still emerging areas of in vivo biotechnology and in vitro nanotechnology.

The present edition has been updated to embrace these cutting-edge and state-of-the-art topics in surfactant application by the addition of three new chapters: Chapter 13, “Surfactants in Biology”; Chapter 14, “Surfactants in Nanotechnology”; and Chapter 15, “Surfactants and Molecular Modeling.”

Most of the previously existing chapters have been revised with some new materials in the form of expanded, rewritten or new sections, and/or additional references and problems. Specifically, the following new sections (in bold) are added or existing ones revised (in italics): environmental effects of surfactants, electronic searching of surfactant literature, zwitterioncs (Chapter 1); mechanism of adsorption and aggregation (Chapter 2); rheology of surfactant solutions (Chapter 3); solubilization (Chapter 4); accurate depiction of equations in film elasticity, foaming and antifoaming in organic media (Chapter 7); microemulsions, demulsification (Chapter 8); limitations of the DLVO theory, design of new dispersants (Chapter 9); biosurfactants and enzymes in detergent formulations (Chapter 10); and problems (Chapters 1, 2, 5–10, and 12).

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