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Superman – H’el on Earth (New 52 Story Arc) Complete


Author: Scott Lobdell

Publisher: DC Comics


Publish Date: June 17, 2014

ISBN-10: 1401246125

Pages: 328

File Type: cbz

Language: English

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Book Preface

H’El has come to Earth! A figure from Krypton’s past has come to Earth, hoping to revive the dead planet–in place of this one. Superman, Superboy, Supergirl and the Justice League stand ready to fight, but whose side is everyone on? As hero fights against hero, will the Kryptonians be able to defeat H’El, who is their equal in every way?

About the Author

Scott Lobdell is a veteran of the comic book industry, having worked with nearly every major American comic book publisher. Lobdell is best known for his work on Marvel’s X-Men franchise in the 1990’s, penning such works as Uncanny X-Men, Excalibur, The Age of Apocalypse, Generation X, amongst others. He is currently the writer of SUPERMAN and TEEN TITANS, each a part of DC Comics – The New 52.

0. H’el on Earth – Superboy Annual 01 – Lost Horizons! (2013).cbz 36.32 MB
08. H’el on Earth – Superboy 16 – Triggers (2013).cbr 34.83 MB
05. H’el on Earth – Superboy 15 – Shattered Steel! (2013).cbr 31.17 MB
06. H’el on Earth – Supergirl 15 – Into Kandor (2013).cbr 28.49 MB
12. H’el on Earth – Superboy 17 – Lost Cause (2013).cbz 24.01 MB
07. H’el on Earth – Superman 15 – Because I’m a Scorpion (2013).cbr 23.9 MB
14. H’el on Earth – Superman 17 – Fury At World’s End (2013).cbz 18.83 MB
09. H’el on Earth – Supergirl 16 – Fast and Faster (2013).cbz 17.54 MB
11. H’el on Earth – Superman 16 – A Fistful of Sticks (2013).cbz 17.2 MB
13. H’el on Earth – Supergirl 17 – Girl vs. Goddess (2013).cbz 16.83 MB
02. H’el on Earth – Superboy 14 – The Face of H’el (2013).cbz 9.94 MB
01. H’el on Earth – Superman 13 – They Will Join You in the Sun… (2012).cbz 9.54 MB
04. H’el on Earth – Superman 14 – Build a Parachute on Your Way Down (2013).cbz 8.41 MB
03. H’el on Earth – Supergirl 14 – Lost Son of Krypton (2013).cbz 8.03 MB

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