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Student Solutions Manual to accompany Atkins’ Physical Chemistry 11th edition

Student Solutions Manual to accompany Atkins’ Physical Chemistry 11th edition PDF

Author: James Keeler, Peter Bolgar

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Publish Date: August 28, 2018

ISBN-10: 0198807775

Pages: 736

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

This manual provides detailed solutions to the (a) Exercises and the odd-numbered Discussion questions and Problems from the 11th edition of Atkins’ Physical Chemistry.

Conventions used is presenting the solutions

We have included page-specic references to equations, sections, gures and other features of the main text. Equation references are denoted [14B.3b–595], meaning eqn 14B.3b located on page 595 (the page number is given in italics). Other features are referred to by name, with a page number also given.

Generally speaking, the values of physical constants (from the rst page of the main text) are used to 5 signicant gures except in a few cases where higher precision is required. In line with the practice in the main text, intermediate results are simply truncated (not rounded) to three gures, with such truncation indicated by an ellipsis, as in 0.123…; the value is used in subsequent calculations to its full precision.

Final results of calculations, generally to be found in a box , are given to the precision warranted by the data provided. We have been rigorous in including units for all quantities so that the units of the nal result can be tracked carefully. e relationships given on the back of the front cover are useful in resolving the units of more complex expressions, especially where electrical quantities are involved.

Some of the problems either require the use of mathematical soware or are much easier with the aid of such a tool. In such cases we have used Mathematica (Wolfram Research, Inc.) in preparing these solutions, but there are no doubt other options available. Some of the Discussion questions relate directly to specic section of the main text in which case we have simply given a reference rather than repeating the material from the text.


In preparing this manual we have drawn on the equivalent volume prepared for the 10th edition of Atkins’ Physical Chemistry by Charles Trapp, Marshall Cady, and Carmen Giunta. In particular, the solutions which use quantum chemical calculations or molecular modelling soware, and some of the solutions to the Discussion questions, have been quoted directly from the solutions manual for the 10th edition, without signicant modication. More generally, we have beneted from the ability to refer to the earlier volume and acknowledge, with thanks, the inuence that its authors have had on the present work. is manual has been prepared by the authors using the LATEX typesetting system, in the implementation provided by MiKTEX (; the vast majority of the gures and graphs have been generated using PGFPlots. We are grateful to the community who maintain and develop these outstanding resources.

Finally, we are grateful to the editorial team at OUP, Jonathan Crowe and Roseanna Levermore, for their invaluable support in bringing this project to a conclusion.

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