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Strategic Managerial Accounting


Author: Tracy Jones and Helen Atkinson

Publisher: Goodfellow Publishers


Publish Date: September 28, 2012

ISBN-10: 1908999012

Pages: 146

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

Previously published as Managerial Accounting in the Hospitality Industry by Harris and Hazzard, this book has a history of over 30 years. With new authors, this edition has been rewritten, expanded and updated to meet the needs of a modern audience.

There are a number of key changes since the last edition, with many new chapters to keep abreast of current accounting developments. The application of the text has also been expanded to cover various hospitality, tourism and event uses of management accounting, from a management perspective. Management accounting is a specific discipline within accounting, this text takes management accounting tools, but views them from the perspective of managers, hence the title of Managerial Accounting, not management accounting.

Structure of chapters

Each chapter of the book has a number of standard key features. All chapters start with a section ‘Introduction and objectives’; which gives an overview of the purpose and learning objectives of the chapter. At the end of each chapter there is a ‘Summary’ of the key points from the chapter. Every chapter consciously considers the theoretical context of the subject under discussion. The summary section in chapters is followed by ‘References’ and advice for ‘Further reading’ to develop a deeper understanding in specialist aspects of the chapter. The ‘Student self-check questions’ section aids checking understand and knowledge of the chapter contents. If applicable, this section includes a numerical question where the student can check their own answers. A ‘Further problems’ section completes each chapter, the answers to these are available online as part of the book’s online resource package.

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