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Split Decision: Life Stories

Split Decision: Life Stories PDF

Author: Ice-T

Publisher: Gallery Books


Publish Date: July 19, 2022

ISBN-10: 1982148772

Pages: 304

File Type: Epub

Language: English

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Book Preface


I would like to dedicate this book to my grandmother Gladys Burton; my mother, Betty Jean Pierce; my brothers Robert Pierce and Dwayne Pierce; my daughter, Marquise L. Pierce; my grandchildren, Marquel Watkins, Marjhon Watkins, and Marlee Watkins; my wife, Jasmine Marquez; and my son, Alton Amir Pierce-Marquez.

I’d also like to acknowledge the following: my father, Leon Pierce Sr.; my brother Leon Pierce Jr.; my sisters, Gloria Pierce and Tanya Pierce; and my cousins Richard Oliver, John Ross, and Sylvester “Puddin’ ” Scott.

Obviously, this book project would not have happened were it not for the loyalty and unwavering support of my friend and brother Ice-T. I’d also like to thank Coco Marrow, Chanel Marrow, Tesha Marrow, and Ice Marrow—all of whom are like family to me.

I’m grateful to the members of Body Count, whom I’m proud to count among my closest friends: Ernie Cunnigan, Vince Dennis, Juan Garcia, Will Dorsey Jr., Sean Butler, Oscar Cabrera, Tyler Barber, and David Freeman. RIP Vic “Beatmaster V” Wilson, Mooseman, and D-Roc.

Among the friends I’d like to thank are: Terry “T-Money Bonaventure” Trailer, Al Patrome “Al P.” Collins, Joseph NGO, Anthony (Rafik) Hannah, Sharon Grant, Kevin Grant, Steven Grant, Renee Grant, Mark Jolly, Jamo, Tim Kornegay, Alfonzo Tolbert, Tony Jake, Bernard Whitting, Clifton “Clint” Hunter, Shanda Frazier, Deborah Giles, Sheri Beamon, Darryl “Flip” Lawrence, Thaddeus Campbell, Bernard Patton, Jeffrey Thomas, Sean Gordon, Nate “Nat the Cat” Clark, William “Bebop Bill” Clark, Mickey Abbott, Henry “Hen Gee” Garcia, Eric “Evil E” Garcia, Mario “M-Dot” Taylor, Daryl “Shakey” Kilgore, Winsel “Diamond X” Bryant, Dwayne “Frosty Mac” Franklin, Black Whale, John Boy, and Mickey Bentson. RIP Bruce “Burt” Richardson, White Boy Eric, Johnny Parker, and Randy Parker.

I’d also like to express sincere gratitude to my attorney, Keith Watley—who believed in me and helped me in some of my darkest hours.

Finally, I’d like to give my deep thanks to Jorge Hinojosa, Ice’s manager, and to Douglas Century, who collaborated so closely with Ice and me to bring our stories to life and make this book a reality.


I’d like to acknowledge the entire team at Gallery Books for their hard work and dedication to this project: Jeremie Ruby-Strauss, Molly Gregory, Caroline Pallotta, Allison Green, Jamie Selzer, Jennifer Robinson, Bianca Salvant, John Vairo, Lisa Litwack, Jen Bergstrom, Aimée Bell, Jen Long, and Sally Marvin.

Principally, I’d like to express my thanks to my friend Ice for inviting me to be part of this project—and to Spike for sharing so much time and energy in making sure we got his story down correctly. Jorge Hinojosa, who has managed Ice his entire career, was instrumental in making sure every part of this writing and publishing process stayed on course. I’m extremely grateful for the time and energy of my assistant, Natalie Robson, and for the constant loving support of my mother, Marcia Century, and my daughter, Lena Century.

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