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Social Psychology 12th Edition

Social Psychology 12th Edition PDF

Author: David Myers

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education


Publish Date: October 14, 2015

ISBN-10: 77861973

Pages: 688

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

What Else Is New in Social Psychology, Twelfth Edition?
Building on prior editions, this twelfth edition combines scientific rigor with an accessible voice. The text is updated throughout, with more than 750 new citations. From cover to cover, Myers and Twenge introduce social psychology’s big ideas and apply them to everyday life by helping students think critically about their own and others’ social behavior.
Chapter-by-Chapter Changes
Chapter 1 Introducing Social Psychology
■ Expanded two levels of dual processing, intuitive and deliberate, to include System 1 and System 2 ■ New material and examples on wording of questions in surveys ■ “Random Assignment” section moved before “Control: Manipulating Variables” ■ New section titled “Replication: Are the Results Reproducible?” Chapter 2 The Self in a Social World
â–  Chapter reorganized to bring together topics related to positive self-views (self-esteem, narcissism, self-serving bias) and to cover self-control separately â–  New material on social comparison and self-presentation on Facebook â–  New material on differences in individualism by region and class, and through cultural change â–  New material on self-compassion vs. the pursuit of self-esteem â–  New material on whether narcissists realize they are narcissistic Chapter 3 Social Beliefs and Judgments
■ Updated chapter opener example on same-sex marriage ■ Updated coverage of System 1 and System 2 to explain unconscious, fast thinking compared with conscious, slow thinking ■ Reorganized topics to bring together coverage of System 1 thinking (priming, intuitive judgments) ■ Updated coverage on embodied cognition ■ New Inside Story feature titled “Joseph P. Forgas: Can Bad Weather Improve Your Memory?” Chapter 4 Behavior and Attitudes
■ New research on effects of sustained role playing of “risk-glorifying” video games ■ “The Foot-in-the-Door Phenomenon” section moved to Chapter 7, “Persuasion” ■ New discussion about the inspiration for the cognitive dissonance theory Chapter 5 Genes, Culture, and Gender
â–  New coverage of epigenetics â–  Updated statistics on gender equality and gender-role attitudes â–  New material on cultural similarities in emotional expression on Facebook â–  New figure showing gender differences in language use on Facebook â–  New material on precarious manhood â–  New material on social norms across cultures â–  Updated material on gender differences in sexuality Chapter 6 Conformity and Obedience
■ New coverage of acceptance ■ Revised definitions and new figure illustrating the concepts acceptance, compliance, and obedience ■ New material on mood linkage on Facebook ■ New coverage of mass hysteria ■ New examples of mass hysteria ■ New material on cultural change in conformity ■ Added modern interpretations of Milgram’s obedience studies ■ Updated and streamlined discussion of personality and conformity ■ New material on pathogen prevalence and conformity ■ New discussion of ways to prevent binge drinking on college campuses Chapter 7 Persuasion
■ New material on facial expressions and advertising persuasiveness ■ New research on the trustworthiness of the communicator ■ New examples of user-generated advertising ·■ New examples of fear appeals ■ New discussion of consumer engagement as a key part of online advertising ■ New material on persuading children toward healthier eating ■ Discussion of the effects of advert-games on children Chapter 8 Group Influence
■ New discussion of social facilitation affecting home-game advantage, with a new bulleted list ■ Expanded discussion of group polarization on the Internet, and introduction and example of “Dark Web” forums ■ New research on creative innovation and leaders as minority influence Chapter 9 Prejudice: Disliking Others
■ Added research on microaggression ■ Updated research on underreported feelings of prejudice ■ Updated research on the Implicit Association Test (IAT) ■ Updated data on changing gender attitudes ■ New section titled “Gay-Lesbian Prejudice” ■ New research on intervention for reducing implicit prejudice ■ New research on values affirmation Chapter 10 Aggression: Hurting Others
■ New coverage of bullying and cyberbullying ■ New information on sexual assault in the opener ■ New coverage of physical aggression and social aggression ■ New material on sleep and aggression ■ New material on the effects of testosterone ■ New material on diet and aggression ■ New example of heat and aggression based on events in Ferguson, Missouri ■ New material on media exposure and aggression/bullying ■ New material on violent video games and aggression ■ New strategies on how to reduce aggression Chapter 11 Attraction and Intimacy: Liking and Loving Others ■ Revised definitions of secure, anxious, and avoidant attachment ■ Key term insecure attachment changed to anxious attachment. ■ New material on mere exposure ■ New research on the effects of physical attractiveness ■ More thorough discussion of the correlates of avoidant attachment ■ New discussion of couples’ compatibility based on attachment styles Chapter 12 Helping ■ New bulleted list with examples expanding on the do-good/feel-good effect ■ New bulleted list and discussion of the effect of personality on altruism, including individual differences, network of traits, and particular situations Chapter 13 Conflict and Peacemaking
■ New research citations added to “Does Contact Predict Attitudes?” section ■ New research on interracial roommates, and interracial adoption ■ New bulleted list and discussion of intergroup contact reducing prejudice ■ More discussion of and examples of prejudice against and between Muslims Chapter 14 Social Psychology in the Clinic
■ Updated coverage on school shootings ■ New bulleted list and discussion of studies comparing clinical and statistical predictions ■ Updated discussion on the vicious circle of depression ·■ Updates in the discussion of loneliness ■ New bulleted list and discussion of marital quality predicting health Chapter 15 Social Psychology in Court
■ New chapter opener, featuring events in Ferguson, MO ■ New court examples, including the interrogation of Amanda Knox ■ New material on false confessions ■ New material on court rulings on eyewitness testimony ■ New material on racial discrepancies in sentencing Chapter 16 Social Psychology and the Sustainable Future ■ Four new figures showing: (1) rise of CO2, (2) rise in annual temperature, (3) average monthly Arctic Sea ice decline, (4) “Five Principles of Sustainable Development” ■ New discussion of studies revealing spikes in conflict related to climate change ■ New section called “Persuasion,” discussing how to overcome resistance to climate science ■ New Inside Story feature called “Janet Swim on Psychology’s Response to Climate Change” ■ New discussion about estimating income inequality gaps added to “Our Wanting to Compare” section

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